Sunday, 15 April 2018

Home Made

I've had a sudden burst of making things recently - much more than recently and it's definintely food for the soul. Baking, crafting, being creative and using my hands is really helping me at the moment. And I'm even trying to branch out from crochet!!

When in Wales I bought a felt sewing kit to try my hand at something new - quite pleased with the result, although I think I'd like to try making some things from scratch! I've gifted it to my Mum and it's sitting on my parents' dresser

I've started knitting! I've found a lady who does beginners' classes and have paid for a course of three lessons - after one lesson I can cast on, cast off and knit and purl. I hate purl. It's slow and slightly tedious, and crochet is definitely quicker, but am determined to persevere.

Another granny square blanket... I'm using up some stash here so it's not as neat and planned as usual, but I'm quite enjoying it - mindless crochet and no thinking, right up my street.

Finally baking again! This is a yummy yummy carrot cake recipe - see here. I would heartily recommend it - quite easy and scrumptious.


  1. I love your little hen and of course love that you are learning to knit. Keep purling my friend, purl all you can and soon it will be as fast as knitting. Have a wonderful week.

  2. The chicken in felt is so pretty! It can be so much fun to try other crafts, as long as you can use your creativity. I seldom knit, as you also write; it doesn't go as fast as crochet so that's why I mostly crochet. I'm also much better in crochet. But I must say that once in a while I enjoy knitting (simple things). The cake looks delicious! Enjoy!


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