Sunday, 5 November 2017



I obviously haven't been so good at the old blogging thing recently. Life has just been, well, chaotic to say the least. Not doing so well at the whole work/life balance act at the moment - and I want to claw back some 'life' time. Looking back at my old posts made me want to try and blog again - so here I am for now anyway.

Today we have had a lazy Sunday with a walk in the woods - a proper Autumn activity. It was sunny and crisp and it was great to be outdoors. We also picked the last of the squash from the allotment - lots of soup ahead I think!

We are trying to sort out our house again - we just have so much stuff it's ridiculous. One room at a time for the moment and the puchase of new furniture for storing. I have so much wool I think I need a crochet frenzy to try and get rid of it all. Watch this space...