Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Checking In - February 2017

Making - Still trying to make progress with WIPs this year, mostly my happy scrappy wedding blanket (above)

Cooking - Lots of soup, Broccoli and Stilton is the agreed favourite thus far

Drinking - Red Bush Tea. I gave up caffeine recently and to be honest I really don't miss it now. I don't drink coffee anyway and I'm used to different teas now. I think I'm more awake paradoxically as a result!

Reading - 'A Game for All the Family' by Sophie Hannah - see here.

Wanting - A few more blue skies, the real sign Spring is on its way :)

Deciding - What to make next

Enjoying - Work, which is great. I really like what I do and enjoy my days in the office, I feel very lucky at the moment

Loving - Bright yellow daffodils on our table

Wondering - Whether things will actually grow in our allotment! Potatoes chitting now, and some seeds sown in the greenhouse.

Considering - What TV series to watch next, C and I are in need of another one. We like Crime and Detective Dramas if anyone has any suggestions...

Buying - Jeggings. I have finally found some smart enough for work courtesy of Marks and Spencers. Elasticated waistbands and I'm over the moon

Disliking - The difficulties of the NHS which are not making the news at all in all the Brexit/Trump mania.

Watching - The Good Wife. Binge-watching if I'm honest. C doesn't like it so it's my guilty pleasure.

Wearing - Jeggings mentioned above. And lots of crochet scarves as it's cold again.

Admiring - Senator Warren

Thinking - About getting a second piercing in my ears. Really putting way too much thought into this, but I can't decide!

Eating - Doughnuts - really not healthy at all but seem to be craving them!

Getting - Ready for Spring!

Feeling - OK.


  1. Love your wedding blanket, the colours are fab!
    We've watched The Good Wife too, Eli is brilliant, isnt he?!

  2. It looks like life is good Helen! Love your blanket. x

  3. Nice to read, this post of yours :-)
    Love jeggings too actually!
    And yes, can't wait for spring either.
    Your happy scrappy blanket looks so nice, good luck on finishing it soon!
    Have a nice weekend, Sigrid

  4. Your February looks and sounds great, so far. I'm loving daffodils too and wishing for more sunshine and blue skies. My husband and I like 'Inspector Montalbano'. We've followed the series on BBC Four and I've also read the books they're based from.
    Great to hear you're enjoying your job. Have a lovely week! x

  5. Lovely lists! Good to know you love your work. The crocheted blanket is coming along well. Hope spring comes to you soon :)

  6. Helloooo Helen, my first foray over to your blog, I have an allotment too so I will be checking in to see those spuds. I like the list format too, I might have to pinch that idea when I have run out of ideas. Jo x

  7. Loving the colours in your blanket, it looks fab. Hx


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