Sunday, 22 January 2017

Throwback to a Weekend In Copenhagen

Back in December C and I headed for a 3 day break in Copenhagen. We normally try and get to a Christmas market and we decided 2016 would be a Danish one. Despite it being rather cold and very grey Copenhagen is a beautiful (if expensive!) city. Here are some of my favourite snaps

My favourite area was Nyhavn, which is the picture postcard area which seems to be 'the' image of Copenhagen. It featured a lot on The Danish Girl with Eddie Redmayne. The houses are lovely and the little habour is full of older boats - it's also where a lot of boat tours depart from.

Apparently there have been a lot of fires in Copenhagen over the years - this is the current town hall but it is relatively 'new' having been inaugurated in 1905. The two previous ones burnt down!

Danish parliament. We did a guided walking tour and our guide told us all about the political system, and also explained about the taxes. Although they're high they seem to have it right in Denmark - social benefits are amazing.

There is a square on which all of the royal palaces sit (about 4 in total I think). The royal family lives in these - they are so open in comparison to Buckingham Palace. We were lucky enough to see some sort of ceremonial changing of the guards complete with marching band.

Another highlight was Tivoli Gardens - the world's first theme park and apparently the inspiration for Disneyland. It was suitably bedecked for Christmas.

On the final day we went back to Nyhavn for a boat-trip.

All in all a beautiful city, I'd highly recommend a trip! It was a bit pricey but definitely worth it :) We are now planning our next getaway, Morocco, Amsterdam, Montenegro... who knows!


  1. How fabulous!!! I am very envious, but very glad to know that it is such a great place to visit. Do you have any recommendations on where to stay in relation to doing things in the city? Glad you enjoyed it so much, it looks very beautiful!

    1. Hi Amy, we stayed in this hotel -;label=copenhagen-i5B21ZeTFRbtzvatrBptzwS154618598352%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1170%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atikwd-293886801%3Alp1006891%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm;sid=b1c4a9ec612905a6ee3df6dd8b0af23f;src=clp;openedLpRecProp=1;ccpi=1 which is in Vesterbro. Really liked Vesterbro, there's lots going on and it's walkable to all the main sights of the city :) You should go! :) xx

  2. Copenhagen is most certainly a place I have to visit someday (soon)!! I already loved your pics on instagram :) such a magical holidays!
    Any ideas were you will travel this christmas time? :D
    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

    1. Ooh you should Anne - surely a short hop for you?! This Xmas I hope Germany again - my heart is always in Deutschland ;) xx

  3. I'd love to visit Copenhagen one day, it looks beautiful! x

    1. I'd highly recommend it Marion :) Hope all's well xx


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