Sunday, 15 January 2017

Checking In - January 2017

Making: The hexie blanket pictured above - it is so wonky and I don't know why! I've spent ages trying to figure out whether I've gone wrong with a pentagon somewhere... Perhaps blocking will do the trick.

Cooking: Lot's of fish - I got some Body Coach recipe books for Christmas and I have to say his recipes are really tasty - and filling.

Drinking: Lot's of Rooibus tea - I've given up caffeine and I feel much better for it - to my utter amazement I haven't had a 'proper' cup of tea this year

Reading: Wolf Hall. It's taking a long time but I am getting there. Once I get into it I really enjoy it but it doesn't seem to be one I can just pick up and get on with.

Wanting: Less wet weather. Snow is fine but heavy rain is not.

Looking: At lots of gardening books for out allotment, trying to suss out the best breeds of plants

Enjoying: Lots of hard work at the allotment - above shows the progress we have made after one day spent clearing the horrible grass that covers the plot. A long way to go but although I ache all over it's remarkably rewarding.

Wishing: For a happy year ahead

Considering: What sort of soup to make for lunches this week. Broccoli and Stilton or Split Pea and Leek?

Smelling: My beautiful yankee candle

Buying: Seeds for the allotment!

Watching: Sherlock of course, and we are quite enjoying Silent Witness and Oh Dear. Big detective show fans in this house.

Noticing: It doesn't get as dark as early!

Feeling: Settled. It's nice.

Hearing: Monkey sounds - there's a wildlife programme on in the background

Planning: A trip to the states - we are hoping to go for two weeks at the end of April. A big part of the trip will hopefully be to drive through some Canyons - a bit of a life's dream.

Cringing: Trump's inauguration...

Knowing: Spring is on its way :)


  1. Love your list. We have the last Sherlock recorded to watch, loved the series. Seeing your allotment makes me feel inspired, we really need to sort out the greenhouse... just want it to feel a little warmer xx

  2. It's a great time of year when you've got an allotment, all the planning (and hard work) ready for the year ahead. I gave up my plot at the end of 2015 and I've missed all the lovely fresh veggies I used to grow. I noticed how the evenings are getting lighter too.

  3. liebe helen,
    ein schrebergarten ist was tolles,nun kannst du dein gemüse und obst selber anbauen.ich bin sicher,das wird dir viel freude bereiten.was hast du denn schon ausgesät?ich weiß noch nicht ob ich dieses jahr gemüse anbaue,da mein haus zum verkauf steht.
    alles liebe,

  4. Hope you figure out what is making your blanket wonky. I gave it a good hard stare and could not work anything out to help I am afraid. Hope you are enjoying the allotment and getting ready for a new year of growing.


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