Thursday, 15 September 2016

A Blanket for Laura

Laura is my friend I went to Venice with. She's one of my best friends and has been a key part of my life for years now, bridesmaid when I got married and one of the few people I know that if I ever needed her she would help me, no matter what. I hope she knows that is entirely reciprocated.

So for a special birthday I wanted to make her something special. In my books a crochet blanket is pretty special, this is only the third one I've ever actually completed! I chose the colours before I chose the pattern, I just went crazy for bright and bold colours and once I looked at what I'd chosen I thought solid block granny squares would be the best option.

I love the final result, and she seemed to too, which made me super happy. Giving gifts is one of the best feelings. Although, I have to confess, at one point I realllllly wanted to keep it ;) I may make a similar one for myself ;) Once I've finished some other blankets I've started and abandoned that is....


  1. That is lovely. I always admire patchwork blankets but would never have the patience to make one.

  2. I love the colours of Laura's blanket, cheerful and warm. You should definitely make one for yourself, it looks fab on your sofa. x

  3. The blanket is beautiful! Perfect for a friend ♥

  4. She is going to love it, well done on a perfect, colorful present.

  5. No wonder she liked it, it's lovely. Great gift!

  6. What a wonderful gift! Some day I want to make blankets for my grown up friends and not just their babies 👍😁

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  7. I love the bright colours of the blanket and I'm sure your friend appreciated it. I'm on my third make with only three colours, but unfortunately I used a ball of wool given to me by my daughter without thinking I might not be able to match up when I ran out, which has happened half way through! I'm having to reorganise the squares and now use a different shade of grey-with-a hint-of-mauve around the edge! Wishing you a happy day!


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