Saturday, 16 July 2016

Peaks Revisited and Summer Crochet

My amazing talented wonderful husband fixed my laptop! So here I am again back in my bloggy space, oh how I've missed it.

We've been quite busy the last few weeks, some camper trips, seeing friends - all nice summer activities. I've even been managing to do a fair bit of crafting which didn't seem to be the case last summer! At the end of June we headed back to the peak district, to the same campsite (ever creatures of habit) for one night, and managed a nice long walk in what is possibly my favourite place to walk. I used to find walking challenging, and I'm not good at heights, so managing to climbing some peaks has felt like an achievement and I can't wait to explore more of the area.

It was not the best of weather, a bit drizzly and overcast, but that was actually quite nice to walk in. We headed up to Mam Tor and the ridge, and this time made it across and up to Back Tor and Loose Hill, it was really lovely with the lower clouds and weather front moving in.

Good old Bonnie was waiting for us when we got back, always a sight for sore eyes and weary legs. This trip the weather was bad enough in the evening for us to have to cook in the van - a cramped experience but an adventure!

And here is my favourite summer crochet accessory so far - another cowl, but more lightweight than usual!

I wear it for work a lot, it's super comfy and goes with most of my clothes! Pattern from here.


  1. The walk looks lovely and with the summer we are having the cowl will come in very handy
    Clare x

  2. hallo helen,
    wunderschöne landschaftfotos von eurer wanderung.dein cowl ist traumhaft schön, ich mag die farben und das muster sieht einfach aus.
    ganz liebe grüße sendet dir von herzen,

  3. I passed through the Peak District at Easter and have made a mental note to return for a proper walking holiday one day. In fact, my sister recently asked me to recommend somewhere for her to take off to during the summer holidays and I mentioned the Peak District. She is now another convert even though she hasn't actually started her holiday yet.

  4. The Peak District looks amazing! I hope I can visit it some day :)

    Love the color combo of your cowl! Fingers crossed you get to wear the light shawl a lot (thus: I am hoping for a good summer)!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  5. You are very adventurous! Love that new cowl.

  6. I have yet to visit the Peak District. Richard and the older kids have been a couple of times, years ago. Loved visiting with you. Just back from a wonderful camping holiday in Dumfries and Galloway, it has been fab.
    Glad you have your laptop back, blogging on the phone is rubbish. Good to see you back x

  7. Glad to read from you again! My, those are some amazing landscapes, and just the kind of weather I love (I know, I'm nuts), thanks for sharing! xx

  8. Yay to have you back! Your cowl is beautiful, and so are the peaks. And Bonnie!


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