Friday, 22 July 2016

Five on Friday

As I sat down to write this post a couple of hours ago the news was breaking about the attack in Munich. Many of you know Germany is very close to my heart, and indeed some of my closest friends are actually currently in Munich. They are safe, and I am thankful, but thinking of all those affected. It's a scary world we live in, with so much bad news in the space of just a couple of weeks - Nice, the train near Wuerzberg and now Munich.

It felt rather glib to write a cheery blog post after hearing the news, but I want to share five pictures that have made me happy this week. I have not joined in with Amy and her lovely link up for a really long time, but here I am - please do go and read other peoples' posts here.

1. This week I finally graduated! I had a lovely day, my parents and brother came as well as C and it was a sunny and happy occasion. My two close friends who started at the same time as me graduated the same day and it was the perfect ending to my studies.

2. My lovely colleagues bought me some bubbly as a well done - it was so kind of them and very much appreciated. I drank it with the parentals and C the evening after I graduated.

3. Lots of crafting time has been a real novelty. My Mum and I are making a blanket together, a simple granny square affair in simple colours. These are my efforts thus far.

4. I am having another go at knitting! Tiny steps, but a certain crafting-adverse man dropped hints about knitted jumpers. Any kind of endorsement's enough for me!

5. We have been doing a lot of hosting lately, it has been wonderful to catch up with friends and have them in our home. I have made a couple of pavlovas for people, and am improving my meringue skills greatly!

Wishing you all well my friends, stay safe whereever you may be


  1. Congratulations Graduate! I too know Munich well having lived in Bavaria for many years, we also have friends who still live there, the people of Munich are in our thoughts as are those who were killed and injured in Nice last week. We cannot let these horrific acts replace happy memories of people and places we have loved otherwise the terrorists win.
    Your pavlova looks delicious and I'm sure is very much appreciated by your guests.
    bon weekend

  2. Congrats on your graduation. I too have been saddened by all that's been happening in our world. I'm at the point where I don't want to see news for awhile. That pavlova looks amazing; wish I could have a bite! Have a great day, Pat

  3. Congratulations! I know that it's a satisfying achievement to graduate after all the hard work of studying. It's lovely that you could celebrate with family and friends. You must be relieved that your close friends in Munich are safe and we continue to feel concern for the innocent people killed and injured in the terrible incidents that have been happening in our cities. I've not been able to get out much lately, but I've been crocheting squares to make a blanket, reading and watching television. It's good that you have your Mum making a blanket with you. Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment about my recent outing, which did me good. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Many congratulations on your graduation it sounds like you had a great day. You must have been relieved to hear that your friends were ok. We are living in sad and unsettling times so it is good to concentrate on things like crafting and cooking and being with friends. Your pavlova looks delicious:)

  5. Congratulations on graduating, it took me many years to do it. It's a sad and scary world we're living in. Munich is such a wonderful city, we were hoping to go there next year and now we're having second thoughts.

  6. Congratulations on your accomplishment! Glad you were celebrated. Your Pavlova looks delicious. Hope your are having a lovely weekend.

  7. Congratulations! Was this a doctorate degree? I'm not familiar with the cap and gown. Champagne and strawberries - a wonderful combination. Hope you served them together.

  8. Congratulations on your fantastic achievement! I do rather like the look of your Pavlova, it is one of my favourite desserts and I would eat it for breakfast any day :-) It is a really lovely idea to make a blanket with your mum! Have fun.
    I think it is essential to focus on the happy delightful aspects of our lives, there is so much violence, anger and sadness out there that it sometimes is difficult to maintain a healthy perspective. I think social media (not our blogs!) and news channels have a lot to answer for but I guess this is not the time to rant. x

  9. Congratulation on your graduation!! :) I am soooooo happy for you! Glad you celebrated well!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  10. Hi helen, well done on your graduation!

    Glad you found some crochet/knitting time.

    Ingrid xx

  11. Congratulations on your graduation, you must be so proud! I know what you mean about the news, best bet is to keep your head down and keep crafting (or making pavlovas) xx

  12. Congratulations on your graduation! Such happy news, and it's important to celebrate these things when it feels like the world is going mad. I hope you're enjoying your summer holiday and have lots of time to work on your crochet and knitting. x


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