Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Camper Tales - Robin Hood's Bay and the Yorkshire Coast

Last week we had a wonderful few days up on the North Yorkshire coast. It was a part of the country neither of us had ever been to before and we had a great time exploring the area. We were quite lucky with weather, it wasn't brilliant sunshine but not much rain (mostly at night) and we ended up doing a lot of walking. Since when did I go on walking holidays? Past me would not believe it quite frankly!

We stayed just outside Robin Hood's Bay, which was stunning. The campsite was up on the hill with the most beautiful view.

We were close to both the Cleveland way, the coastal path, and the Cinder Track - the old railway trail. We explored both thoroughly and left exhausted but happy. One of my favourite walks was from Robin Hood's Bay to Whitby. We followed the path out of the bay enjoying the views, it was quite quiet but nice to greet the occasional walkers.

I loved this cute lighthouse - apparently the water is really shallow around the coastline, so I bet this really is a lifesaver.

And this colony of seagulls - I'd never seen one before. I have no idea how they sleep on such shallow ledges, I certainly wouldn't be able to!

Here's the famous Whitby Abbey - I've not read Dracula I must confess, so I think a lot of the landmarks were rather lost on me. I must add it to my long list of things to read.

Whitby itself was so cute, it was a bit too busy for us to wander much - we were too shattered after the walk  - but it was amazing just spending time in the harbour.

My other favourite walk was from Robin Hood's Bay to Scarborough, 15 miles in total so a big achievement for me! Lots of coastal path views, and steep hills but worth every second.

Scarborough was quite cloudy, and again being shattered we didn't wander around at all - we just collapsed onto the bus back to Robin Hood's Bay! I loved the colourful beach huts on the front though.

Bonnie also got pimped up - an awning was a good idea and meant we didn't need to cook in the rain!


  1. This is not a part of the world I know but seeing your photos, we should add it to our list of places to visit. If only I were retired and could travel whenever I liked. x

  2. Such a beautiful place!!! It really is lovely! Glad you had fun and enjoyed it.

  3. I love Yorkshire. I always feel at home there and sometimes think that it must have really been my home is a former life. Then I found out that one of my grandmothers was born there. It all makes sense.


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