Thursday, 16 June 2016

Checking In: June '16

Making : A cushion, a baby blanket, another blanket... possibly too many WIPs on the go!

Cooking : Chilli with roasted butternut squash (I make a mean veggie chilli, perfected over the years living with C)

Drinking : Orange squash

Reading: Ian McEwan - First Love, Last Rites (a book club choice)

Wanting: Some sun. It has rained since Sunday.

Looking: Forward to a camper adventure we have planned for July!

Deciding: Which of the football to watch, I pick and choose (as far as allowed by C!)

Enjoying: Our new house. Well it's not so new any more, but loving the fact that we are finally settled and feeling homely

Waiting: For the camper adventure!

Wondering:Whether I can finish any of the crafting WIPs I have on the go

Loving: Lots of family time we've enjoyed recently

Pondering: Whether to try Slimming World or not. I have a few stubborn pounds I want to shift but I feel like I should be able to do it unaided with a bit of effort.

Buying: Coloured chinos and expensive walking boots. Not to be worn together!

Watching: Game of Thrones (when the football isn't on) I'm completely and utterly hooked, we've swept through two seasons way too quickly and are on an enforced break.

Hoping: That when above mentioned camper adventure takes place there is no rain and lots of sun. A girl can dream!

Cringing: Brexit. 

Needing: To try and ignore my sweet tooth.

Wearing: A waterproof. Constantly it feels.

Noticing: The roses in my garden are *nearly* blooming

Sorting: Out the house. An ongoing task I feel

Getting: Itchy feet

Bookmarking: This glasses case pattern - I desperately need one!

Coveting: More coloured chinos.

Giggling: At this dog

Feeling: Pretty OK

Hearing: Football related noises

Worrying: About trying to reduce the amount I worry, a vicious circle!

Slicing: Bran loaf... cake for those in need of cake whilst attempting to diet 

Embracing: Life, I hope

Monday, 13 June 2016

My First Baby Blanket

The first of our friends to travel the path to parenthood happily announced the birth of their son a couple of weeks ago. Now these friends live in Australia, so we wanted to send out a few gifts to greet the new baby, and I actually managed to make a crochet blanket! Said blanket was finally posted last week so is hopefully not too far away from its recipient.

The yarn was all cygnet chunky, which I hope will wash well and be nice and warm for the Australian 'winter' (I've been assured that without central heating it can actually get a bit chilly!)

I used Bunny Mummy's 'Sunburst Square' pattern, which I would highly recommend, it can be found here. It didn't take me too long to make and I loved selecting the colours - they didn't find out the sex and I chose gender neutral colours, which to be honest I think I would have done anyway.

So with husband's brother and wife expecting another baby I've decided I shall venture back to baby crochet. Just don't mention that cross stitch picture I still haven't finished for the baby's two year old sister!!!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

A Bank Holiday on the Beach - A Return to Pembrokeshire

Last weekend we headed down to beautiful Pembrokeshire to spend the Bank Holiday in, much to our astonishment, glorious sunshine. We stayed in my parents' static caravan, with my parents for the first time in a few years and had the most perfect few days. As regular readers know we are often in this part of the world and faced with glorious sunshine we just pottered around our usual haunts. Dad and C played some golf, Mum and I went to our usual spots and a wonderful time was had by all this. 

We bathed in sunshine in wonderful Amroth

Mum and I wandered around the coastline in Wiseman's Bridge, a little hamlet round the coast in Amroth

and admired the beautiful habour in Saundersfoot, a small coastal town

Of course we returned to Tenby

found my crafting mojo again, I often do in South Wales. I made my parents a cushion for the caravan last year, a simple granny square affair. Mum got some more wool from the little craft shop I always visit in Saundersfoot and I started work on the next. Here's the one I made last year

Wishing you all a happy June!