Monday, 9 May 2016

Italian Interlude

Seeing how we seem to never find time to go away (!) we ended up spending bank holiday weekend in beautiful Pisa. We have an Italian friend who went to uni there, so we met him and he showed us the sights (and the best places to eat).

As silly as it sounds, I did not expect the tower to actually lean. It looks really wonky!! I always imagined it was always some how exaggerated in pictures. But, there you go. We weren't very good tourists - we didn't actually go up the tower, in the cathedral or visit any museums/galleries. We just enjoyed the sunny Spring days and wandered around, accompanied by the occasional gelato. The streets were beautiful, wide and spacious surrounded by tall buildings, it felt a bit frozen in time really.

This beautiful square is home to one of the oldest universities in Italy, we were reliably informed that some pretty great parties also take place there!

There were of course Roman baths...

Beautiful views along the river...

And cobbled streets... all very Italian!

And we returned to England to discover that the sun had followed us home! I hope those of you in Blighty have been enjoying the bursts of Spring...


  1. Thank you for taking us along and showing us this beautiful area.

  2. Hi Helen! It looks gorgeous, such lovely blue skies and great buildings! I bet you will want to go back there.... Great idea to spend the long weekend there!

    Ingrid xx

  3. Never been there, but I'm glad you enjoyed this bit of Italy! :)

  4. This looks like a wonderful, wonderful holiday! I have never been to Italy but it is certainly on my list!!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  5. Great photos Helen! And what a wonderfully blue sky. I can see myself wandering around there, gelato in hand. One of these days! Glad you had a super time. xx


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