Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Springtime in Blighty

Spring is by far my favourite season. I love the lighter evenings, baby animals, buds a blooming, all the stereotypical aspects of this wonderful time of year. As wonderful as all of our recent travelling was, it's been truly lovely to come home to Spring. And Spring in our new home as well!

This tree is in the courtyard at work, I have no idea what it is but apparently its blossom lasts a couple of weeks at most. It's absolutely stunning and makes me smile whenever I need to use the microwave (on the other side of the courtyard to office).

As you can probably guess bluebells are my favourite flower, and it was great to see the first ones poking through in a woodland walk the other week,

C has been away this weekend and I have just been pottering around our lovely home. Today I took myself for a walk across the fields (I really want a dog... a walk never feels quite complete without one) and found some cows along the footpath. I think they were quite young, a little bit jumpy!

I'm trying to get my step count up and a big part of that is leaving my desk at lunchtime and strolling around campus. There are lots of flowers planted which I enjoy as I wander, the university where I work isn't as stunning as the one where I studied, but it's really growing on me. Speaking of which I've managed to get a permanent job there and will be changing roles next Monday - I'm really pleased and excited but will be sad to leave behind my colleagues.

Monster van is back. Shiny and running much better than before the fire. Chris is rebuilding the interior, and our first getaway is planned for my birthday weekend in May. I am super excited!

I've started my first ever baby crochet, a blanket for C's best friend's baby arriving in May in Oz. Need to get it finished soon to allow time for posting!


  1. Glad you are having a good spring! Enjoy your new job and the time spent in your camper over the summer! xx

  2. I love spring as much as you do. Your pictures look lovely. Have fun with yor new job and I hope that you will find enough time to finish the baby blanket, it looks great so far. Viola

  3. Exciting news about your new job. I enjoy the freshness of spring & putting all the plans made during winter into place xx

  4. Fantastic news about your new job. best of luck.

  5. Congrats on the job!
    Lovely photos, my favorites were the cows (for its subject and depth of field) and the narcissus field.

  6. That tree looks amazing! And I love your camper. My husband and I dream about an old VW Camper, but they are rather expensive and we just recently bought a house! ;)
    You should get a fitness tracker. I'm wearing one right now and it also counts your steps. It motivates me, to reach at least 10.000 steps a day. Mostly! ;)

  7. Hi Helen,

    Such lovely spring photos! Well done for getting your job, hope you will be happy there!
    Going for a lunchtime walk is great for getting some fresh air and a little bit of exercise, too.

    The camper van looks seriously ready to go somewhere, maybe soon??

    Love your granny blanket, so cute. Good luck with working on it, and looking forward to seeing it when it is finished!

    Ingrid xx


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