Monday, 29 February 2016

The Year in Books 2016: February

Laura at Circle of Pines has taken 'A Year in Books' to the realm of twitter now, but being a non-tweeter I thought I'd carry it on here. To be honest I don't think I'd remember what I'd read if I didn't document it - this month I could swear I read three books, but I can only remember two of them! So despite the lack of link up, and thanks solely to the fact that there is an extra day these month, here is what I read in February.

1. 'Starter for Ten' by David Nicholls.

Starter for Ten follows the awkward, slightly geeky 19 year old Brian Jackson as he heads off to the bright lights of University and embarks on his quest to feature on University Challenge, motivated in part by his memories of watching the show with his father, who died when Brian was at school. Featuring slightly cliche characters, from the stunning, privately educated Alice, with whom Brian falls hopelessly in love, to the angry communist Rebecca, arrogant obsessive Patrick, leader of the quiz team and many others in between. The book brought back all sorts of memories of those first terms away from home, trying to find a niche in the complex world of university, and I did warm to Brian - but the ending was slightly obvious. I have to say I absolutely loved 'One Day' and this just didn't compare for me. Worth a read though I'd say.

2. Sophie Hannah was a new author for me - she is speaking at a conference I am helping to organise on Saturday and I thought I'd better at least read something! I have to say, I really enjoyed this book - as a thriller it was different to my usual reading material. The novel centres on Connie Bowskill, who finds herself embarking on a virtual tour of a house beyond her budget in the early hours of the morning. When she sees a murdered woman in the middle of the lounge she calls her husband, but the image has vanished and all to be seen is a spotless house. Increasingly consumed with doubt and mistrust of her husband Kit Connie tries to convince those around her of what she saw. I'd recommend this as a good mindless read - and I do want to read some more of Sophie Hannah's work, I'm looking forward to seeing her speak on Saturday.

What have you been reading? I'm trying to come up with different books to read - I may well attempt a Charles Dickens next month!


  1. The Sophie Hannah book looks like something I would enjoy, so thanks for the tip. I'm currently reading Lynda Bellingham's "There's something I've been dying to tell you". She tells a true, sad story with a lot of humour.

  2. I'm totally into the Game of Thrones Books right now. They truly are as addictive as the TV Series and I look forward to my commute everyday as it gives me 45 reading minutes! ;)

  3. Sometimes a good mindless read is just perfect isn't it? Starter for Ten sounds good. I have really picked up my reading lately and am currently reading "The Marsh King's Daughter" by Elizabeth Chadwick, set in medieval times. Another easy read, but not too easy, and am enjoying it so I may consider reading more by the same author. Saturday sounds interesting - enjoy!
    Caz xx

  4. Good luck with Saturday - it sounds very exciting. I've seen a bit of the movie version of 'Starter for Ten' but I haven't read the book. I haven't read any of Sophie Hannah's books either but I've read that 'Little Face' is very good. I'm reading 'The Blue Afternoon' by William Boyd at the moment. I'm trying to push myself to read more this year, I'd be happy to finish one book a month. X

  5. I haven't read any book this year yet (gasp! no time :o ) but the ones you mentioned look interesting!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  6. I have recently enjoy History of the Rain by Niall Williams. I remember reading a Sophie Hannah book that thoroughly spooked me but I can't be sure if this the same you were reading. x

  7. It's wonderful your infos. Thank you very much

  8. I haven't read this book by David Nicholls but I read 'One Day' and I loved it, too. I read 'The map of time' trilogy by Felx de Palma and I loved it! Especially the first book. Viola

  9. I did enjoy One Day but haven't read any other David Nicholls or any of Sophie Hannah's books. I don't mind reading thrillers if they don't keep me awake at night!! xx

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