Thursday, 28 May 2015

Checking In: May

Making: My first ever granny square cushion cover, started on holiday in Wales (see above pic!)

Cooking: Being cooked for largely as I've resumed my temping role at Leicester uni, tonight was a yummy quorn, mushroom and broccoli risotto (did I mention C is veggie before? I love it and eat mostly veggie too) 

Drinking: Tea. Lots of tea, although my new alcoholic tipple of choice is now cider. I've moved on from white wine spritzers ;)

Reading: Just finished 'On Green Dolphin Street' by Sebastian Faulkes, I quite enjoyed it but it wasn't a patch on some of his other work.

Wanting: This thesis break to go on forever. Or a permanent job. Hopefully I'll combine both one day!

Looking: Forward to some 'me time' on Saturday, C is playing cricket and I will have the luxury of a sunny day to myself for the first time this year. 

Enjoying: Reading for pleasure, I have a commute in which to dive into my unread books that have been piling up for far too long.

Waiting: For first thesis comments on Monday, not looking forward to that at all.

Liking: My new wooden duck (see abo
ve pic). He was bought at the RHS Spring Show at Malvern with C and my MIL. He is called Ed and C only agreed to bring him home because he thought he was an outdoor duck. For an intelligent chap he's quite clueless sometimes. Ed now lives on our fireplace.

Wondering: Whether it will be sunny for our first planned BBQ of the year next Weds, to be fair we've probably jinxed it by planning it!

Loving: The long sunny evenings.

Pondering: Anything and everything, my brain is all of a whir at the moment.

Buying: Nothing, am still being good!

Watching: Britain's got Talent, someone C played cricket with is in it so we're rooting for them!

Marvelling: At our clematis (above) - it flowers for different lengths of time every year, this year it's been a couple of weeks and counting. It's so pretty, I think it's my favourite garden plant.

Needing: More hours in the day!

Wearing: Work clothes... a shock to the system of a scruffy postgrad student!

Thinking: About my Nana a lot at the moment.
Sorting: Clothes, time to put away the winter wardrobe and install the Spring. 

Getting: Excited about summer.

Coveting: A yarn winder, my stash is distinctly messy.

Opening: Lots of anniversary cards, we've just passed the first year of marriage!

Feeling: Happy.

Snacking: Yummy sultana and cranberry cake made by mum.

Helping: Myself to cake.

Hearing: Olly Murs on Britain's got Talent, not keen on the new song at all. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

A wonderful week

Back home again after the most amazing week away. As I mentioned last time I handed a full draft of my thesis to my two supervisors for their comments last Friday and since then I have been enjoying some freedom, and time away from the dreaded monster!

Last Saturday we visited my lovely mother-in-law who lives in the beautiful Malvern Hills. We went to the RHS Malvern Spring Festival and had a wander around, there were so many flowers I was in awe! If we weren't planning on moving soon then I'd have been spending a fair few pounds on stocking up the garden, but maybe next year :) On the Sunday we went for a walk in the hills. On the hill opposite my MIL's house there are lots of bluebells and they were in bloom for us, apparently some years they're brighter so I will need to check in again next year. We walked around the bluebells and then up into the hills for a wander, it was a bit cloudy but the views never fail to disappoint.

As we walked down into Great Malvern we found some yarn bombing in the centre, how cute is this?! I especially love the slug.

And then from Malvern we travelled to wonderful Pembrokeshire, back to my parents' static caravan. We had such a relaxed week together, we went back to old haunts and explored new ones, up on the rugged cliffs, down in sheltered bays, the coastline really has something for everyone!

And I was super lucky to spend my birthday in this wonderful place. Spoiled by all the lovely people in my life :)

C and I needed the time away together, I've been a pretty rubbish wife of late, I turned into a bit of an automaton in the final weeks of putting my first draft together. He's been so wonderful and supportive, I'm a very lucky girl.

And now back to the real world, it's nice to be home if a little daunting that the next paths aren't known yet. I hope that you are all well my dear readers, I have missed this space and blogland a lot over the last month.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The calm after the storm...

My thesis is with my supervisors,  I am in beautiful Pembrokeshire. You could say all is well in the world :) I have missed blogland more than I could possibly write here but as soon as I have a reliable internet connection I will be back.

For now I leave you with a beautiful coastal picture and I will be back with more substance next week.  This is my first post on my phone so apologies for any formatting issues!