Monday, 28 September 2015

Checking In: September

Making: Finally crocheting the border of my scrappy granny square blanket, reveal post now on the horizon

Cooking: I've been doing quite a lot of baking, including cherry cake (C's favourite). This weekend we had friends staying and I made a fish pie from a Mary Berry Cookbook. Yum.

Drinking: Beer brewed by hubby (in the evenings I hasten to add. Not all day)

Reading: Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier - really enjoying this so far.

Wanting: A job. I have applications lined up, and an interview tomorrow but my main problem is I don't really know what I want to do!

Looking: Forward to a couple of days in Lisbon with C for his birthday.

Deciding: What to pack, hand luggage restrictions apply...

Enjoying: This beautiful weather. We walked to Burghley House yesterday (pic above) and just marvelled at the beautiful park, grounds and buildings.

Waiting: For some birthday presents for C to arrive, I hope they come soon!

Liking: Having some spare time.

Wondering: What happens next.

Loving: I had a few days at home last week (Charlie our cocker spaniel is in the pic above) and had some time with the family, C came for some of it and we cooked for everyone for my parents' wedding anniversary. I love family time.

Pondering: Whether to start a new crochet project. Head (and C) say no. Heart says yes.Buying: Mostly food at the moment. Yum.

Watching: I have finally become addicted to Downton Abbey and am making my way through the early series.

Hoping: That my exam date for my thesis is set soon, I want to know when to start preparing/panicking

Marvelling: At pictures o
f the lunar eclipse/blood moon yesterday

Needing: A bit more exercise. I have become very lazy of late.

Smelling: Our yankee candle in the sitting room. mmmm. Meadow Blossom I think.

Wearing: Crochet cowls again :)

Noticing: Earlier nights and later mornings

Admiring: A new hair cut, rather drastic by my boring standards!

Sorting: Out. Everything. At my parents' house, home, time to declutter.

Getting: A little bit excited about Christmas. Sorry.

Bookmarking: Lots of crochet shawl patterns on ravelry.

Feeling: Ok. Optimistic. Relaxed. 

Snacking: Cake. Lots of cake. And hummus. Not together though

Helping: C with his accounts. Maths is not my forte!

Hearing: Listening to my favourite German band, The Wise Guys.


  1. Nice post. I just recently finished watching movie version of the book Rebecca :) can't wait to see your granny blanket. I just started making one and the cake looks yummy. I could eat 'em all day. Have a wonderful week!!

  2. Cake, beer, cowls and doggies. Sounds like the elements of a perfect list of happy!

  3. Good luck with the jobs. I still don't know what I want to do but I don't think many people ever do. You've made me want to bake cherry cake now. x

  4. Ooh have a great time in Lisbon! Loving the blanket and the cake. And the thought of a beer too! If you're enjoying Rebecca, do give My Cousin Rachel a try, also by Du Maurier. A really atmospheric thriller! xx

  5. Sounds like you are enjoying at bit of well deserved "me time", have a fantastic time in Lisbon. Your cake looks delicious!
    Caz xx

  6. Lisbon! How awesome. :) And that castle is stunning.

    I hope all goes well with the interview!

  7. How did your interview go? Fingers crossed you will find a wonderful job soon!

    I LOVE the Wise Guys! In fact I have tickets to their next concert in Bremen in November! Can't wait!!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds


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