Sunday, 13 September 2015

A weekend in Wroclaw, and the Submission of the Thesis

Well it's been slightly longer than I hoped between posts, but between a trip to Poland, a week in Wales and submitting my monstrous thesis I've not had much internet time! 

Yes, that's right - it's gone. Actually gone. Submitted and sent off to my two examiners a week and a half ago. So far I have found 3 typos but I haven't read it too thoroughly yet. Urrrrgh. 

Before that momentous, and if I'm honest entirely traumatic, event however C and I jetted off to Wroclaw in Poland for the wedding of two university friends (it's pronounced vrotzwaf). I was slightly distracted by the imminent submission of thesis, but still had an amazing time. It's a truly lovely city, I'd been lucky enough to visit before during my year abroad in 2008 but it's been developed a lot and rebuilt even since then. The city had an interesting and troubled history - originally Polish back in the middle ages it has since been part of Bohemia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was annexed by Prussia in the Napoleonic Wars in 1742. After German unification in 1871 the city (Breslau in German) was the sixth largest city in the German empire. After 1945 it was part of territory ceded to Poland when the German border was moved to the Oder-Neisse river, and it is again Polish.

It is really stunning today with lots of lovely restored buildings (it was heavily damaged during World War Two). As we were there for such a short time and we had a wedding for one day we didn't do a lot of sightseeing, it was also about 40 degrees so we mostly sought shade (!) But here are a few pictures of the old city around the very impressive Market Square. I'd really recommend Wroclaw for a weekend break, it's easy to get to, very cheap, the weather is nice and the city is beautiful :)

Lots of churches and little winding streets, perfect for meandering :) There are also a series of dwarves dotted around the city, which have a history as a symbol of political opposition under communist rule; they were used as anti-government grafitti. Essentially the authorities couldn't arrest people for drawing dwarves without looking rather foolish. The dwarves are everywhere, you have to keep your eyes peeled! Here are some of my favourites

And finally, the last photo of this barrage of photos I promise (!) Here is my with my monster thesis. Smiling!

Looking forward to a long overdue catch-up with blogland! 


  1. Good for you getting that monster handed in! Well done. You deserve another break, I am thinking somewhere by the sea.

  2. how nice to have you back! Good luck on the thesis! Bet you feel veeeery relieved! :)

  3. Congratulations, it is done! The viva will feel like a non event after writing your thesis (that's how I like to remember it from when I was in your shoes). The photos of the unpronounceable town remind me very much of Prague. I quite fancy a visit but I don't think I can fit it in in this life time! Have a lovely week. x

  4. Massive well done on your thesis, it must be so hard to stay focused til the end.
    Your trip looks amazing, and all the better for lovely blue skies :) Hope the wedding was fun!

  5. Bravo to you!! I found quite a few typos in my thesis too, I think somehow no thesis is really complete without typos... keep on smiling, you look so happy and relieved in that picture!
    Glad to read you enjoyed your trip, gotta love those cute dwarves everywhere!

  6. Well done, what a relief for you now it's gone. I love those dwarves in your photos and the story behind them. Hx

  7. Well done to you, the relief must be immense. You look very happy in your last photo x

  8. Congrats !!! Finally .... you look so happy on the pic ..... thanks for the pics of your trip in Poland where I went 20 years ago .... have a lovely day !

  9. What a gorgeous city! I love the rooflines on all of those buildings. Congrats on completing your thesis. This is monumental. Enjoy all of your free time!!

  10. What a gorgeous city! I love the rooflines on all of those buildings. Congrats on completing your thesis. This is monumental. Enjoy all of your free time!!

  11. Wroclaw looks a super place to visit, glad you enjoyed your trip. I love the dwarves too and their story. And congratulations on submitting your thesis, a huge achievement!
    Caz xx
    PS Recognize that University, it's where I work!


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