Tuesday, 25 August 2015



I have been spending a lot on time at University, working in the soulless individual study rooms in the library where there are no distractions. Last week I ate lunch in the beautiful millennium gardens with two friends as a reward for a working hard in the morning. I'm going to miss the beautiful campus!  

Chris and I have started playing chess, using this beautiful set he bought at a Berlin market three years ago. We are much more competitive with each other than I would have thought: the score is currently 3-2 to him. Boo!

One of Chris's activities during the summer of thesis has been brewing increasingly more beer. He has moved beyond the home brew kits you can buy and now makes his own recipes. This is a raspberry wheat beer, and better than any fruit beer I've had in England! I need to go back to Belgium to check if he's beaten the ones you can get over there.

My granny square is growing bigger and bigger, it will be a blanket now. I'm enjoying it as much as ever and can't wait for more time to indulge in crafty habits.

This is the most glorious sun set I've seen for a while, the photo was taken at the end of last week, no filter! Look at that sky...

In other news my deadline is next Thursday. Next Thursday. Yikes and phew! I'm currently just reading through my thesis and making sure it makes sense... the end is nigh....

I hope you're all having enjoyable summer days that aren't being too marred by the weather...


  1. Ooh, nice to know that you're almost done with your thesis! I remember the panic and relief I felt when I was finishing mine... : )
    Bravo to Chris for making yummy beer, I'd be curious to taste some, and bravo to you for your big granny square, looks lovely already! xx

  2. We've been all right, still enjoying the last of the summer days despite the very changeable weather. I'm glad you've managed to enjoy it too during breaks from your thesis. That sunset is simply glorious. Wow! X

  3. Wow, that sky is beautiful. A trip to Belgium to compare beers? Sounds like a good plan. Hope all goes well with your deadline. Hx

  4. Amazing sky! Ours is predominantly grey :-) Good luck with your submission! x

  5. I think Germany has flavored beers as well, so you should do a round trip: Belgium and Germany both! Make sure to visit Dortmund, so that we can meet!

    We discovered a outdoor game last weekend which is (apparently) a Finnish version of chess - I lost too btw :P

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  6. Good luck Helen, the finish line is in sight.

  7. A beautiful pink sunset and pink beer too - lovely! The granny square's looking good too. Good luck with the thesis - I'm sure that all your hard work will pay off.
    Cathy x

  8. Yay for the light at the end of the thesis tunnel! ;) I wish you all the best and good luck for it. But I bet your thesis is great!!

  9. I hope that all is going well with the final thesis countdown! One week today and you will be partying to celebrate its completion!!! xx

  10. I bet you'll be so relieved when the thesis is done! On to the next chapter of life ;-) Homebrew if done well I hear is amazing, I'm almost tempted, and definitely tempted to learn to play chess as I have no idea how but I like the idea of it.....x

  11. My thesis summer was 14 years ago and I still have anxiety dreams about getting it done on time! Good luck for the next few weeks, just think how amazing it will be to hand it in and be free of it looming over you. All that crochet time you'll have...


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