Thursday, 30 July 2015

Checking In - July

Making: A lovely cowl using this pattern from The Little Room of Rachell (see above picture)
Cooking: My vegetarian chilli. Secret ingredient = bisto, it's vegetarian and adds a meaty taste!
Drinking: Anything but wine after a slight indulgence at last weekend's wedding...
Reading: Nothing at the moment, I need to start something new.
Wanting: A bit of sun, it's so cold!
Looking: Forward to a mini break in Lisbon we have just booked for September :)
Deciding: What to wear to the next Summer wedding in August (I like outfit planning)
Wishing: The cats could learn how to hoover. That would save some time. Or that they were bald and didn't have so much hair ;) 
Enjoying: The last summer of not being in full-time work (hopefully)
Waiting: For 4th September - official thesis deadline!
Loving: How they did my hair for the wedding at the weekend (above) - I have notoriously fine hair and they managed to get it up and in place all day!
Pondering: What to do with myself while C is away at the cricket this weekend, I think it will end up being crochet and cheesy films, rock and roll!
Considering: Some crafty makes for friends' September birthdays.
Buying: Holidays ;)
Watching: Just finished the series of Hinterland on Netflix. Really good Welsh crime series.
Hoping: The sun comes out soon.

Marvelling: At how beautiful my university campus is (above). I'm going to miss it when I finish.
Needing: Some more sleep, I'm shattered!
Smelling: My yankee candle, we've been trying to make a conscious effort to light it more. It's 'summer meadow' I think.
Wearing: Jumpers - boo.
Noticing: How much quicker I can walk up stairs since I started swimming again.
Knowing: It really is the final countdown to a thesis-free life.
Thinking: About having my third cup of tea of the morning.
Sorting: Out a huge pile of washing.
Coveting: Some more wall space to hang more pictures.
Disliking: How cold my feet are - I have poor circulation not helped by the weather.
Opening: Lots of junkmail - how do they get my address?!
Giggling: At Outnumbered - I'm watching it during lunch breaks at the moment.
Feeling: Content.
Snacking: Scones - yummm.
Hearing: My new favourite album - 'Rockland' by Katzenjammer.


  1. It's been so cold this year, I keep pulling jumpers out too. Being on the brink of change can be bittersweet, I hope you enjoy the rest of your last summer off. Hx

  2. Sounds as though things are going pretty well! Well, apart from being cold that is, but hopefully today has bought you some warmer sun! xx

  3. Your hair looks really pretty!! I too love planning outfits before handed. The cowl is coming up quite well. Cheers:)

  4. Yumm, scones. I loveee scones but I didn't have any for ages. Perhaps I should bake some this weekend?!

    Your hair looks great done up like this! Did it take long?

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  5. Your cowel is coming on beautifully and your hair looks lovely :) We had great weather until a couple of weeks ago but now it's definitely taken a turn for the worse. I hope there's more summer to come!

  6. Dear Helen, you've won my give-away! Please contact me so that I can quickly post the parcel to you. Congratulations! Have a nice weekend, Viola

  7. This was such a fun post to read today. Your cowl is beautiful as is the yarn you're using. And, I love the hair style. I hope you are enjoying a nice weekend.


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