Thursday, 28 May 2015

Checking In: May

Making: My first ever granny square cushion cover, started on holiday in Wales (see above pic!)

Cooking: Being cooked for largely as I've resumed my temping role at Leicester uni, tonight was a yummy quorn, mushroom and broccoli risotto (did I mention C is veggie before? I love it and eat mostly veggie too) 

Drinking: Tea. Lots of tea, although my new alcoholic tipple of choice is now cider. I've moved on from white wine spritzers ;)

Reading: Just finished 'On Green Dolphin Street' by Sebastian Faulkes, I quite enjoyed it but it wasn't a patch on some of his other work.

Wanting: This thesis break to go on forever. Or a permanent job. Hopefully I'll combine both one day!

Looking: Forward to some 'me time' on Saturday, C is playing cricket and I will have the luxury of a sunny day to myself for the first time this year. 

Enjoying: Reading for pleasure, I have a commute in which to dive into my unread books that have been piling up for far too long.

Waiting: For first thesis comments on Monday, not looking forward to that at all.

Liking: My new wooden duck (see abo
ve pic). He was bought at the RHS Spring Show at Malvern with C and my MIL. He is called Ed and C only agreed to bring him home because he thought he was an outdoor duck. For an intelligent chap he's quite clueless sometimes. Ed now lives on our fireplace.

Wondering: Whether it will be sunny for our first planned BBQ of the year next Weds, to be fair we've probably jinxed it by planning it!

Loving: The long sunny evenings.

Pondering: Anything and everything, my brain is all of a whir at the moment.

Buying: Nothing, am still being good!

Watching: Britain's got Talent, someone C played cricket with is in it so we're rooting for them!

Marvelling: At our clematis (above) - it flowers for different lengths of time every year, this year it's been a couple of weeks and counting. It's so pretty, I think it's my favourite garden plant.

Needing: More hours in the day!

Wearing: Work clothes... a shock to the system of a scruffy postgrad student!

Thinking: About my Nana a lot at the moment.
Sorting: Clothes, time to put away the winter wardrobe and install the Spring. 

Getting: Excited about summer.

Coveting: A yarn winder, my stash is distinctly messy.

Opening: Lots of anniversary cards, we've just passed the first year of marriage!

Feeling: Happy.

Snacking: Yummy sultana and cranberry cake made by mum.

Helping: Myself to cake.

Hearing: Olly Murs on Britain's got Talent, not keen on the new song at all. 


  1. Your clematis is a dream friend! And I am so glad you have this down time to really absorb the simple and beautiful things in life! I know you will get through Monday and you will do fantastic! Glad to hear you are enjoying cake as well! Loved hearing what has been going on in your world! Happy Friday! Nicole xoxo

  2. Love the wooden duck and the granny square cushion. The colours look great. I've heard good things about yarn winders, could be a belated anniversary present? Congratulations by the way :)

  3. I like very much the colors of your grannies ..... I'm glad you're feeling happy ... Enjoy your weekend !

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for a permanent job in academia. This proves to be rather elusive for myself... Congratulations on your one year wedding anniversary! I am sure your thesis comments will be positive, you have worked so hard. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  5. Loving the colours in your granny cushion, I've always liked those ducks too. Good luck for Monday and a belated Happy Anniversary. Hx

  6. You know I always wish you well on your thesis and all, so I do again for Monday, hope it all goes well with the first comments - but also, congratulations on your first wedding anniversary! That must be so great! xx

  7. I'd like more hours in the day too, please!
    Your clematis looks amazing!

    Congrats on your first anniversary and good luck on Monday. :)

  8. A great catch up! Gosh, it seems so amazing that you have been married a year! Where did that time go. Congratulations and happy anniversary!!! I hope that all goes well on Monday with the comments!! Tell them your blogger friends said you are wonderful - I realise that is daft, but so you know that we are all behind you! xx

  9. I always love reading your checking in posts.. The granny square cushion cover is coming up soo well.. belated anniversary wishes.. Happy weekend!!

  10. A yarn winder is such a good thing. I love, love, love how much better my stock looks since I spent some days winding all my yarn.

    Mmhh, risotto. I need to make some again soon too!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  11. I love Ed too. He should stay by your fireplace all year long- he looks so handsome standing there : ) I'm also loving your granny square cushion colour. The colours look great. I hope you have fun on Wednesday's BBQ. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a nice, sunny day for you. I'm tempted to get myself a yarn winder too. It sounds like a really useful gadget. ..Have a lovely start to the week. Good luck with the thesis comments. X

  12. I hope the thesis comments have gone well! The granny square cushion cover is looking good, love the candy colours. Do get a yarn winder -they're brill! xx

  13. hello helen,
    loving the colours on your granny cushion.your clematis is wonderful. love the wooden duck.
    have a nice time my friend,


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