Saturday, 18 April 2015

Some Bonnie Drama

When you own a vehicle that's over 40 years old you're kind of aware it's not going to be the easiest of rides. In the few years Bonnie has been on the drive we've had all sorts of adventures and mishaps, I may share them in more detail at some point, but just to paint a picture these include

- Ending up nose dive in a ditch off the A1 at midnight because the electrics decide to completely stop working.... no engine, no lights, no hazard lights. Thank heavens for a passing ambulance, but that's another story.
- Being unable to start her at a tiny village fete in the back end of no-where where we just happened to park to go on a coastal walk. We became the star attraction - the very kind village folk pushed us round the car park twice to try and jump start her before giving up and taking us to the garage next door. People are so kind.
- The gear box falling out in a car park in the pouring rain in a car-park in Bodmin. Cue hubby spending quite some time under the van and me trying to work out whether being broken down counted as parking by the ticket machine.
- The break lights not working for our Peak District camping trip - my parents followed us home so no-one drove into the back of us.

She did however get me to my wedding in one piece and not too late!

Oh Bonnie.

But now we've had a more dramatic mishap - a fire - which only thanks to the quick thinking of C and our ex-fireman next door neighbour (lucky, huh?) didn't destroy her completely.

She was stationary on the drive, C had started her up and run back to the house to get something and when he came out - flames! With the help of our neighbour he managed to get it out before it caught too much, but the engine's pretty damaged and the paint work is peeling, upholstery burned at the back.

We're waiting for the insurance to sort out where she will be taken and when - we think it will be fixable but no idea how long it will take. We are not complaining though as it could have been so much worse, I can't even bear to think about what it would have been like if he'd been on the road. He's safe, if a little frustrated, Bonnie's intact, if a little worse for wear, and I am glad C is ok, but a little disappointed there won't be any camper adventures this year.

I hope you're all well and have no dramas whereever you are :)


  1. I am glad nobody was hurt and hope Bonnie will be fixed before the end of summer so you can enjoy few trips away. No dramas so far (touching wood) and the weather is amazing here, too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

  2. Bonnie is a beauty!!! But oh my have you all been through a lot with her!!! I am glad that she was saved from the fire and I hope that she can be restored soon so you can get back on the road! Lovely weekend to you! Nicole xo

  3. I'd love for us to have a Bonnie too. She really is a beauty! Sorry to hear about all the mishaps, though, especially the latest one. I'm glad no one was hurt and Bonnie can be fixed. I read an article awhile ago, an interview with Clive Owen, and he said there's a guy in Norfolk who puts in new engines to this old VW campers. So you still have the original outside, but it drives like a new car. He bought one for his wife. It's a great idea but I assume it must be expensive. Anyway get well soon to Bonnie. Our drama here is me coming down with a chest infection this weekend : ( I'm tired of being I'll. Looking forward to a healthier week ahead! X

  4. Oh my! I am glad that C wasn't hurt! Hugs to both of you!

    My fingers are crossed the insurance steps in soon, so Bonnie can be fixed!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  5. Poor, poor Bonnie! But she kept everyone safe and that is the important thing. Hope it all gets sorted soon.

  6. I have a 1966 Beetle so can sympathise and empathise with many of Bonnie's "issues" but a fire? I'm so glad nobody was hurt and hope that Bonnie can be back up and ... well... bonnie again very soon.

    And now I must go and find where I've hidden the fire extinguisher my Dad bought me when I got Gladys.

  7. On dear, poor Bonnie. I'm glad no one was hurt though and I hope she can be fixed up again xx

  8. Gutted for you to have had fire damage, but soooooo releved that noone was hurt,

  9. I'm relieved to read that C is ok, and Bonnie too, though a bit damaged. I hope you'll get to have her in good shape again soon, so that you'll still be able to enjoy some adventures all together! : ) xx

  10. Oh no! Thank goodness no one was hurt hopefully she will be on the road sooner rather than later so you can continue with your adventures x

  11. Oh no! Thank goodness no one was hurt hopefully she will be on the road sooner rather than later so you can continue with your adventures x

  12. I'm glad you're both ok, but it must have been quite a shock. Hope Bonnie can be returned to her former glory and is back on the road again soon :)
    Cathy x

  13. So Bonnie is the name of your car I take it. I've popped in while out blog walking this am, and so getting into the story a little confusing; but love that you've got a car that old, cool picture. My first car was a VW Bug...such good memories. Hated to trade it in, but needed a car I could depend on getting me to work at the time.

  14. I Love your camper van! always wanted one but it never seemed to happen lol So glad no one was hurt and you get to go on more adventures with bonnie :) I'm happy to be following your adventures!


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