Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Don't mention the 'D' word....

I've mentioned a few times that C does not like doilies, I think he has a secret fear I'm going to cover the house in them or something. Having said that there are currently three in use in the living room and he only knows about one of them :) What he doesn't know can't hurt him I guess (I'll have to hope he doesn't read this blog post!)

Needless to say he was not best pleased when I started crocheting two 'doilies' last week. Technically one of them is of course a mandala, but he doesn't seem to appreciate the difference! Luckily for him these are my Mother's Day present for this year - my Mum does have a doily appreciation.

The green one is made using this wonderful pattern, the Heart's Desire Doily from Red Heart. I wondered whether the lovely Lil from House with Hearts had come across it! It was a very enjoyable make, I'm going to make one for me in pink and hide place it tactically somewhere in the living room. The other pattern is from the very talented Zooty Owl, the Happy Days Mandala. I didn't block them as they were posted, my dear Mum ran away to Pembrokeshire for the week so I didn't see her on Mother's Day itself (I don't blame her!).


  1. I always wanted to crochet a doily, I already have the yarn (that super thin crochet yarn) and a pattern at home but somehow I always have other things to crochet first so I never started it. I think that my C won't like them also. But if I "hide" them well enough like you do, he might never notice. If I ever get around to make one! ;)

  2. I'm not a doily lover to tell the truth, though I appreciate some more colourful ones like those you made, especially mandalas. I'm sure your mum will love these anyway, our mums alway love our gifts! : )
    Good luck hiding, err... placing the next one! ; )

  3. It made me smile to think that there aware two 'unclocked' doilies in your living room! Not for much longer if he reads this!! xx

  4. Haha! A feels the same... He is probably scared I will turn into an old granny with lace dollies...

    Love your makes! They are very pretty!

    Take care

  5. Ah bless him he does not know how beautiful and talented you are, thats okay we do!

  6. My husband is not a big fan of doilies either. I think he finds them old fashioned but I like them, especially when they're made in lovely colours like yours. I bet your Mum loves them- I do!
    Have a fun weekend! X

  7. Love them, hate them, or somewhere in between yours do look nice.

    All the best Jan

  8. All the crochet are very beautiful!

    Cheers, Sandra

  9. Wow I love your doily' you made and they will be beautiful Mothers Day presents! I love the spring colors of the yarn too!
    Julie xo

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