Saturday, 21 February 2015

Inbetween Crochet

I've now got two forms of crochet, blanket crochet, and 'inbetween' crochet. Basically as long as I make four squares of Bonnie's blanket a day I'm allowed to indulge my whims and make other little projects too :) I used the wool I bought in York, and made some simple wrist-warmers. The light is rubbish at this time of year, but if I waited for good light I'd never post anything so here we are ;)

It's quite a high wool content yarn - rather course but very warm. I used a new stitch - the crochet book calls it 'leaf stitch', essentially it's chain a multiple of 2 +1, and then 2DC (treble in US terms) into the third chain from the hook, miss the next stitch, 2DC in the next stitch, miss a stitch and continue. I love the effect, simple but quite dense and therefore very warm.

They are oh so warm and I'm very pleased with them. I do love crochet, it's so quick - Bonnie's blanket is now 14 squares by 12, and I'm hoping it won't be too much longer before there is a big 'ta dah' post!

Hope you're having a happy and peaceful weekend where-ever you may be :)


  1. Your mitts are fab and so useful I bet ! Good luck for your next blanket project !!! Have a lovely weel end too !

  2. Lovely wrist warmers! And very fitting for this month (we had a bit of a cold strike here last week. Brrrr)!
    Looking forward to see more of your blanket soon!
    Take care

  3. They are gorgeous and look so cute on x

  4. dear helen,
    the wrist warmers looking fantastic., exactly what we need for this month.good luck with your blanket!!!
    have a nice sunday,
    love and hugs regina

  5. Great wrist warmers.

  6. This is a great way to keep working on Bonnie's blanket! I really like the wrist warmers and the stitch that you have used which shows up so nicely in that yarn! xx

  7. Sweet wrist warmers, I really like the stitch you chose, might give it a try myself! : )

  8. Cute mitts, looking forward to the blanket reveal!

  9. They do look lovely & cosy, just the thing for this grotty weather xx

  10. I like your wrist warmers. They do look very warm and the colour is pretty. Have a lovely Wednesday!


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