Friday, 9 January 2015

Five on Friday

Wow, I can't believe it's time for 'Five on Friday' again, where has the last month gone?? This week I'm going to share five things that are making me happy...

1. Progress on my 'bonnie blanket'. It's nearly finished!! This blanket is made out of chunky yarn so is rather bulky, but it's destined for our campervan Bonnie (hence the name) and therefore needs to be reasonably warm as we want to start travelling around in Spring this year. I'm going to add another row or two to this monster, just to make sure it's definitely wide enough and then think about a border. Any suggestions from any of you crocheters out there?! I think it needs to be pretty plain because the wool is just so inelegant, maybe simple DCs or moss stitch...

2. This Spice Rack. As you can see it's been repurposed having held a load of beers that C got from my Uncle in Belgium for Christmas. He has been wanting to build a spice rack for months, but not quite got round to it so we've had a medley of spices on the side. Now they are neat and organised and I think he's done a great job, he just had to add some extra shelves.

3. This year I have got back to cooking. I'm really lucky that C is an excellent cook and loves doing it, but it's got to the point that I don't cook at all! We both agreed that I need to do some more and so I've been perusing recipes and finding new inspiration. I'm a bit of a lazy chef, and my favourite recipe so far consisted of literally creme fraiche, stilton, pasta and broccoli. So easy yet so tasty!

4. Crisp and cold winter days. I've been indulging of my possibly odd past time of walking round the nearby grave yard on my study breaks and snapped the frost covered ground the other day. I love a brisk cold walk and then snuggling up with a cup of tea once home

5. This is the university library, Hallward. It is not a pretty building but it contains such a vast amount of information that I'm always in awe. My thesis is proving pretty difficult at the moment, but I try not to forget how incredibly lucky I am to have had the opportunities I have. 

Until Next Time,

Helen x

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  1. I don't know if I like your blanket or the spice rack best!! They are both so great. How clever of C to make something out of the beer package that you can keep and is so useful, it is great to have your spices at hand isn't it. I am sure that whatever border you put on the blanket it will be wonderful and both you and C and Bonnie will love it!!! I hope that you have a great weekend. Thank you for joining in. xx

  2. What a super cosy looking blanket - just right for a camper van. Love the spice rack too. Like the sound of your broccoli and pasta dish I bet it is very tasty. You do need a break from studying and a brisk walk blows the cobwebs away - especially if you can relax with a hot drink afterwards. Have a lovely weekend:)

  3. Really Love your blanket, it's something i want to try in 2015. And enjoyed your Five on Fridayxx

  4. Great pics, and I love love LOVE your blanket - may I say, it's bonnie indeed! ; ) I'm not very helpful about borders, I usually go with shells, but I don't really see something like that on a blanket... hope you'll find something nice!
    Wish you a nice weekend! xx

  5. Beautiful blanket! I've done shells before as Valentina mentions and they are pretty. I'd probably just do a couple of rounds of DCs to be honest and keep it simple but that's just personal taste. I like the graveyard photo... it's very...poetic. Maybe that makes me weird too! X

  6. The blanket and the spiceracket both look great! My fingers are crossed that you get to take Bonnie out soon (and take some pics for us!) :)

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  7. Oh, I DO like the spice rack!
    Jane x

  8. Your blanket is beautiful as is the spice rack. I've nearly completed a blanket knitted in chunky yarns. As a lover of 4 ply it has been a revelation.

  9. The blanket will be super for the Camper Van, so warm and cosy looking. That spice rack is my favourite from all of your Five things, I really need to do more cooking as I tend to get lazy in the kitchen at times. I regularly make a breakfast smoothie, which I love and I can store the surplus in beakers in the fridge. I simply use a fruit juice base, add some porridge oats, honey, banana and some frozen berries. It's delicious. I am going to try your pasta idea as broccoli and stilton are some of my favourite foods.

    Have a good weekend Helen xx

  10. The blanket looks so warm! Loved the repurposed beer bottle holder, you always need a good spice rack.

  11. What a lovely blanket Helen... and your spice rack is ingenious!

  12. Loving the frosty graveyard photo, and the blanket looks super cozy. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  13. Looks like a good balance of things making you happy. You need these things to help with the work stuff. Good luck with your thesis. I'm joining in with Five on Friday week 4. See you around.

  14. dear helen,
    the blanket looks so warm and cosy,perfect for your campervan!!! I love your spice rack!!!!
    take care,

  15. The Bonnie blanket looks great, I think a couple of rounds of double crochet would finish it off nicely. Good luck with the cooking! I do all the cooking in our house, I'd love it if someone else did it for a change! x

  16. Love the blanket and the spice rack is genius, love its rustic look. Good luck with the cooking!

  17. The blanket is great, love blue. I love to cook, it was a bit of a chore back when I worked, but now I have all the time in the world. Hate to share my kitchen and and I'm always nudging my husband out of it --- he likes to cook too.

  18. Your Bonnie Blanket is just beautiful!!


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