Sunday, 21 December 2014

Checking In: December

Making : A garland of crochet stars to add to my parents' Christmas decoration collection

Cooking : Not much recently, I've been rather spoilt by C who is a wonderful chef

Drinking : Mulled wine, just one of my many favourite Christmas smells and tastes

Reading: Finally something for pleasure, Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan - it's very gripping! I'm thinking about starting book review blog posts next year as a way to keep up the reading, so maybe watch this space for more info :)

Wanting: To finish editing a certain chapter of my thesis before Xmas

Looking: At jobs, or starting to, I need motivation to finish this thing

Playing: Cheesy Christmas music non-stop

Deciding: What to wear for a Christmas meal with friends 

Wishing: Everyone a very peaceful and content holiday season

Waiting: For Christmas :)

Wondering: What will 2015 bring?

Loving: These crochet Christmas baubles

Watching: The Good Wife, actually a really enjoyable TV series

Smelling: My lovely Yankee Candle 'Christmas Eve' it's beautifully festive

Wearing: My Christmas Jumper. It's got a big robin and balls of snow on it

Feeling: Cold - it's gone rather chilly here again

Admiring: These stars, so much to admire, so little time ;)

Sorting: and wrapping Christmas presents

Buying: Some sneaky wool for new years projects... shhh...

Opening: A nice bottle of wine bought in Oz last year, happy memories :) 

Feeling: A little bit more festive than last week :)

Snacking: Mince Pies and Panettone 

Coveting: An open log fire

Hearing: Michael Buble's Christmas album

Photos from a lovely afternoon at Barnsdale Gardens 


  1. Hello Helen, those gardens look wonderful and so neat. I have just spent a blissful couple of hours in mine which is looking better but needed a day on it really.
    Enjoy your wine, it must be G and T time for me surely-it is Christmas, yay x
    Have a wonderful Christmas Helen, enjoy time with your friends and family.

  2. Hi Helen! Sounds like you are enjoying the Christmas season!!!
    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas!
    Ingrid xx

  3. I wish you in advance a very happy christmas and I wish you to edit your chapter .... I know this hard work ..... I did it 16 years ago !!! Good luck !!!

  4. Yours sounds like a very nice December indeed! : )
    Wish you a nice Xmas week - and Merry Xmas, in case we don't hear from each other before! xx

  5. Great post - I really like these check-ins! Mmmhh, mulled wine! I shall make some tonight too. :)

    Fingers crossed that you will finish the chapter til christmas!!

    Take care

  6. dear helen,
    great post...i wish that you will finish the chapter til christmas.the photos from the garden are beautiful!!
    Wish you a wonderful christmas with your family,
    hugs and love,

  7. It sounds as though you are having a lovely happy busy time right now! Happy Christmas! xx


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