Sunday, 16 November 2014

Checking In: November

Making : Christmas Owls: I'm using the now iconic pattern from Bunny Mummy and am in absolute awe at how clear the instructions are and how wonderful the finished object is! The little chap in the picture is perched on my desk and cheering me up as I tackle some much needed editing of thesis.

Drinking : Peppermint tea, trying to become less caffeine-dependent ;)

Reading: This question always depresses me.... 'Homemade Men in Postwar Austrian Cinema' by Maria Fritsche. I long for the days when I will be able to read for pleasure :)

Wanting: Well, to read for pleasure now...

Looking: forward to Christmas (sorry!)

Wishing: There were more hours in the day

Enjoying: The fact that the weekends in the foreseeable future will be spent at home sweet home

Wondering: Where I'll be this time next year

Loving: How my crochet hot water bottle cover is turning out so far

Watching: The TV series 'Damages' starring Glenn Close. We'd never heard of it before but it was recommended on Netflix, and it really is very watchable!

Hoping: That I will meet my chapter deadline on Friday before friends visit for the weekend.

Marvelling: This beautiful blanket pattern on Betsy Makes 

Needing: Some more time with my friends

Wearing: My UGG boots. These were a lovely present from family friends in Australia last year, despite them being exceedingly popular during my years as an undergraduate I'd never bought any. I'm not really a follower of fashion and I think they make some people waddle like ducks. But then I put my pair on and it was a moment of revelation. Feet covered in cotton wool sensations, and oh so toasty. Quack. 

Noticing: How the pretty autumn leaves are now rather sludgy following all the rain

Feeling: Balanced

Sorting: out all of my accumulated crafty belongings... I have no idea where they're all coming from!

Buying: Felt for some decorations.... yes, that is where they are coming from, the internet...

Snacking: Banana Bread, normally I can never make this as my monkey husband eats all the bananas. But I hid some *evil wife grin*

Coveting: Some stylecraft yarn to make Attic 24's new blanket pattern... but, I still have two other blankets to finish, and really not much space...

Helping: myself to banana bread :)

Hearing: Classic FM, my favourite Sunday afternoon music option


  1. Loving this post.

  2. I've been planning on making some of these owls myself, I know Jacquie's tutorial and I'll try and crochet some for Xmas too! : ) Yours looks lovely, great choice of colours!
    Hope you have a nice week!

  3. Hi Helen, very cute owls, hope you are keeping a few for yourself.
    Hours in the day-craft accumulation and looking forward to Christmas I can relate to ha ha.
    Hope you meet your deadline.
    Drinking green tea-it's a bit yuk but good for me, kinda get used to it after a bit.

  4. Lovely post!

    I love the pattern of the owl too. I have made sooo many of these owls already! Have you seen the other versions (Bunny, Cat and so on...)

    Take care

  5. I am also wishing for more hours in the day ... I am needing TLC to help me get over a cold ... I am reading for pleasure ... I am loving my new crafting adventures.Great post Helen xx

  6. Lovely post ! Nice to read about you ! weel did you see my nomination of your blog for an award ? here

    See you !

  7. Again I see some similarities between us! I'm hooking up some owl keyrings myself right now, I REALLY want to use the colors of Lucy's cosy blanket to finally make a ripple and I really think, that people wearing UGGs look like waddling ducks! ;-)

  8. Lovely to read what you have been up to! I hope that the PhD reading is done very soon and that you can settle down with some good trashy fiction or something for a total change of pace before returning to whatever you really want to read! Happy crocheting! xx

  9. Once again a lovely post! The Christmas owl looks lovely.. The banana bread looks so tempting :) have a great day.

  10. dear helen,
    the christmas owl looks wonderful. i love your boots,they looks warm and cosy.I like banana bread too.
    wishing you a wonderful time,
    hugs and love regina

  11. Hi Helen
    Thank you so much for popping over to my blog and I am delighted to have found yours! I adore your cute owl-owls are a favourite of mine and yours are in such stunning colours.I love reading too. Your banana bread looks delicious-just the ticket for these cold November days, with a mug of hot chocolate!
    Best wishes
    Alison xx

  12. Hi Helen! You're my card swap! Yay! My email is and we can swap addresses xx


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