Thursday, 16 October 2014

Checking In: October

Making : A Scarf for my wonderful Mum's birthday

Drinking : Tea - I'm a bit dependent

Reading: 'Post-Fascist Fantasies' by Julia Hell - still no relief from 
heavy reading for my thesis!

Wanting: To be back in Pembrokeshire

Looking: At temping jobs

Playing: With the idea of cutting my hair short, maybe it's time for 
a change :)

Enjoying: Some afternoon sun

Waiting: For the cake in the oven to be finished to go with my tea!

Liking: All of the beautiful autumn colours

Wondering: What comes next

Loving: Snuggly jumpers

Considering: Saying 'What the Hell' and booking a spa day ;)

Watching: Homeland (now I have caught up with Breaking Bad I'm making my way through the neglected 3rd series so I can watch the 4th!)

Hoping: An interview will go well tomorrow

Marvelling: At how slowly time passes when you want cake! 

Needing: Some time with my Mum

Smelling: The lovely smell of a cake baking

Wearing: A snuggly jumper!

Noticing: How soon it gets dark

Thinking: It is nearly Xmas :D (I'm a Christmas bunny, it drives people mad)

Sorting: Piles of photocopying from my last trip to Berlin

Buying: Not a lot - I am on a budget until I start working!!

Getting: Excited - I've just been asked to be a bridesmaid for an old friend from uni!

Giggling: At Miranda - I'm revisiting the old series 

Feeling: In need of Motivation

Snacking: (will soon be ) snacking on a cake!

Coveting: Cake

Wishing: The Cake was ready.... (ok this is getting ridiculous)

Hearing: A CD I bought from a busker in Berlin, an amazing acoustic band, brings back memories of autumn in Berlin last year.


  1. Ha ha hope your cake was yummy, I could almost smell it cooking myself-bit peckish now.
    Good luck sweetie with your interview, fingers crossed for you.
    I too am a Christmas bunny-I get random waves of excitement especially when I secured the perfect xmas eve onsie for my baby girl (she is 21)-too excited.
    Lovely photo by the way.

  2. I love you post so much. Have great time with your mum!
    Have a nice evening!

  3. Wonderful post! Miranda is hilarious! I'd love to be her neighbor :) Hope all goes well at your interview and that your cake is finally done!

  4. Enjoy your time woth your mum, with your book and the series ... I saw "breaking bad" and "homeland" and I liked them ! Great both of them ! Hope your cake was soooo goooood !!!! Have a nice week end ! see you !

  5. Brilliant post, I can smell your cake here. Good luck with the job interview.


  6. Yum - can I have some of your cake?!

    Hope your job interview went well! For what kind of jobs are you applying?!

    Take care

  7. Mmmmm home made cake, delicious. I hope your interview went well and good luck with your job hunt. I am also thinking about Christmas .... I don't have much time off work (3 days) so with bank holiday public transport I don't think it's a good idea to travel far. A bit strange this year for me because it will be the first Christmas on my own. What I have done is requested annual leave for Christmas 2015 so I can spend Christmas in company next year. This year my sister has invited me up for Christmas Day and she lives within walking distance, so that will be nice.
    I am sock knitting at the moment, a total first for me but I am enjoying the process. I am also thinking about what to make as hand made Christmas gifts.
    A nice post Helen, have a good weekend x

  8. I hope your interview went well! I have got one tomorrow. I love this kind of post. Your photo is amazing, I want to got there. Now. Have a great Sunday.

  9. Lovely post! i too get excited about Christmas and find myself hearing Christmas songs every now and then :)


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