Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Circumventing the Doily Ban of 2014 and Some Bran Loaf

Life is still busy and a bit all over the place, back and forth from Nottingham and now I'm job searching as well! I've got a bit of lee-way but I thought that if I started sooner it would be less pressure :)

I've mentioned before that C doesn't like doilies very much. That's absolutely fine with me, the only snag is I like making them! I made one a month ago and it is allowed underneath the whiskey decanter, I think it looks lovely! So to avoid the doily problem I hatched a plan... and made a mandala ;) My first one :) (I am notoriously late for everything, I know these have been around for a long time...) I used this wonderful pattern and am so pleased how it worked out! I love the way the dark pink looks a bit like hearts

Here is my doily, looking lovely of course. I need to decide where to put the mandala now!

That's one of our lovely wedding pics - you can just about make out my wellies - I am always one for elegance ;)

I threw together a Bran Loaf yesterday, a really quick bake and great for lunch boxes and snacking. It's also relatively healthy as there is no fat in the recipe. It involves no weighing as you use the same mug to measure all of the ingredients to ensure consistency. I use a large mug to get as much bran loaf as possible ;) You need:

- A mug of Bran Flakes
- A mug of Milk
- A mug of S. R. Flour
- 1/2 mug of sugar (any kind is fine!)
- A selection of dried fruit: I use sultanas and sometimes dried apricots, sometimes glace cherries.

1. Put the Bran Flakes, Milk and Sugar into a mixing bowl. Leave for about 45 mins
2. Heat oven to 180, grease a loaf tin
3. Add Flour to the mixture once it has sat for a while and stir, add the sultanas/fruit
4. Bake in oven for approx 45 mins. My oven is super fierce so it doesn't take too long...
5. Remove and leave to cool.

Our lovely rose is flowering yet again keeping me cheerful, I do love our little home and garden.

Until next time my friends :)


  1. Hi Helen, lovely doily (mandala) cleverly disguised under a different name, is there a difference? Not entirely sure if I am honest but guessing it is just an updated version-I could be very wrong.
    Your wedding photo is so good-love the wellies-a lot.
    Thanks for the recipe, will save that-thank you.

  2. Mandala, doily, they are all pretty aren't they! xx

  3. Beautiful mandala. Nice wedding pic!

  4. Your wedding pic is so lovely! I love your willies... it's original...cute... **** smile ****

  5. Well done Helen, love the wedding picture. I have yet to join the mandala bandwagon, but I love looking at them and yours is wonderful.

  6. Hi Helen! I love your mandala!!! And did I spot the doily (under the decanter) as the one from Mollie Makes Crochet Book?
    (I made one as well, you can see it on my blog!) Cool wedding photo! :)
    Love your roses, I got one that also keeps on flowering just now!
    Ingrid xx

  7. great wedding picture! Is there a story behind it? Or was it just a rainy day?

  8. Lovely mandala! Perhaps I need to use that trick too because the bf doesn't like dollies either. I am transforming my home office into my studio right now - I reckon mandalas would look lovely at the wall! :-)
    Take care

  9. I just found out that you're following my blog. Sorry, that I didn't visit your blog before but I'm a real failure using technical equipment. My husband thinks it is a miracle that I am able to create and maintain a blog. Everything just takes a bit longer with me. But now I found out and I like your blog. Your mandala is wonderful. I love mandalas a lot. We use them as coasters and luckily no one in the family doesn't like them. They are in daily use. And I will try your recipe, as well. My family gang loves home made breads and cakes and I am always looking for somthing simple but delicious. Have a nice week, Viola

  10. My husband doesn't like doilies either and I think the minute I make one he'll protest. He can just about cope with the crocheted cushions and blankets... Your mandala is lovely and I think your bran loaf sounds delicious. x


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