Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Camping in Cornwall (and Devon!)

Back home sweet home after my travels, it's always so nice to be back regardless of what adventure it was that took me away.

We have had a lovely (sometimes adventurous thanks to Bonnie) trip down to the South West, with a few nights in Cornwall and then one in Devon on the way back. We are based in Lincolnshire, so rather a lot of driving for poor C, but as long as it is not raining, and as long as Bonnie is behaving, he seems to not mind it too much.

An old family friend of hubbie's family got married near Padstow on Saturday, which was the catalyst for our trip. It was a lovely wedding, and as a bonus we got to spend a few days with ma-in-law, pa-in-law, my two brothers-in-law, sister-in-law and niece. Hubbie's family is a lot bigger than mine! It was lovely to see them all for a bit longer than usual, as we live a fair bit away from them. Little niece is growing fast at nearly 3 months and I got lots of smiles and cuddles which was great. As we had a lot of family time I took less pictures than normal, but I will share a few snapshots any way :)

We lucked out and had an amazing view from our campsite. The first morning was a little grey, but I thought that made for some nice lighting!

That morning was the morning of the wedding, so we had a sneaky trip to Padstow, just to the harbour before getting ready and heading off.

That night we had the luxury of a hotel room and the following morning we headed back into Padstow, walking up to the head. A bit of a mission with a pram, slightly grumpy baby, two golden retrievers and a group of people who were split in half regarding what they wanted to do! We made it up nevertheless and enjoyed the sunny views over the town and bay.

This was followed by fish and chips from Rick Stein's fish and chip shop. C is rather a big fan. He had the plaice which he said was good, my Cod and Chips were ok, the cod a little dry though.

We then went to a BBQ on the beach with the rest of the wedding guests, camera safely tucked away due to the combination of aforementioned Golden Retrievers, sand and sea.

The following morning we had a sunny view and had a lovely brekkie sunning ourselves

I love camping in Bonnie, it's great fun! We made our way north after a final lunch with the family, and stopped for the night at West Middlewick Farm in Devon, between Nomansland and Witheridge. It's a working farm, and wonderful for kids. We popped into Witheridge in search of some afternoon tea, it's a lovely village.

The village tea rooms was sadly closed, but we found an amazing afternoon tea in one of the pubs....

We had it in the traditional Devon fashion: clotted cream then jam. Apparently Cornwall is the other way round!!

After that we headed back to the campsite, and cooked dinner for the first time overlooking fields and beautiful countryside.

We had veggie fajitas - a highly easy and recommendable camping meal :)

Now sadly it rained that night (Monday), and Bonnie wasn't very happy the following morning. Her electrics were a bit hit and miss, so rather than stopping again we decided to head for home. We made it home, and although I was sad to miss out on a night's camping, it is SO good to be back :)

Hope you're all well, I'm looking forward to catching up on my missed bloggy reading ;)


  1. Beautiful pictures! Vive le camping!

  2. Wow! These are amazing pictures - looks like you had a really good time! :-)

    I am soo jealous of your Bonnie! Such a wonderful, wonderful caravan/bully!

    Take care

    1. Thanks Anne! Hehe she is a bit of a handful but wonderful :) Loving your Canada pics :)

  3. What gorgeous photos. I Love Devon and cornwall, having lived in Plymouth during my student days. I spent half the time reading your post wondering who Bonnie was, then realised it was your camper van! She is divine! T x

    1. Haha she's become a member of the family! It's a lovely part of the world, I bet it was great studying there :) x

  4. beautiful photos!!!! your country is a dream!!! love scones,clotted cream and jam. your camper is really lovely!
    thanks for all the beautiful photos from your country.
    wish you a wonderful restweek,

    1. Thanks Regina! It is lovely, the only downside is the weather! Hope you're having a lovely weekend xx

  5. Beautiful pics! I'm quite in love with Bonnie!


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