Wednesday, 2 July 2014

WIP Wednesday - Blanket Tales Part Two

It's been a long time since my last WIP Wednesday post, so I though this week I would share my longest WIP.... The Camper Blanket...

It has been a journey of ups and downs, I first blogged about my addiction to squares here back in March. The aim is to create a blanket to go in our camper, Bonnie. As we both love the sea and coast I decided on a colour scheme of blues and greens and after a few mishaps settled on the wool. (Mostly Hayfield Bonus Chunky - the turquoise is from C's Mum's stash).

There have been many squares since then, frustratingly none seem to be the same size! And they have been squished in a bag at the bottom of the wardrobe. I took a sizeable break over the wedding period, and managed to lose both my 6mm hooks so progress faltered somewhat. I ordered what I thought were hooks off Ebay and got knitting needles, a sign perhaps?! I eventually found both of the hooks in my hook jar...

The other day curiosity got the better of me so I emptied my WIP onto the bed.

Hehe yes we even have a camper themed duvet cover... not obsessed or anything!

I thought it was time to bring order to my jumble of squares, so I've decided I'm going to start assembling the blanket while I'm still crocheting, just to try and keep the project moving and clear some space.

For some reason, even though it's the same brand of wool and I use the same needle, the squares really do vary in size.

I've decided I'm going to use them all anyway, it's my first blanket and it doesn't matter to me whether it's perfection - it just needs to be warm and pretty :)

I blocked them, which helped to some extent...

... and a semblance of order began to take hold. I began sewing the first row and was pleasantly surprised...

The photos don't really do the colours justice, but I hope you get the idea. I don't know whether I should not have used the Chunky weight yarn - has anyone else ever made blankets with Chunky yarn? Is it better in DK? I just wanted something warm, as it does get a bit cold sometimes! Time will tell I guess ;)

So onwards and upwards I guess! We have a bet going as to when it might be finished, I'm aiming for October but C thinks November, I have no idea whether either is possible! I hope to have another two rows done before I leave for Berlin though.

In other news, we had a lovely weekend visiting our friends down in Cirencester - what a beautiful town! Gorgeous shops, I found two sewing shops and a wool shop - bliss! The boys weren't really in a shopping mood so we ducked and dived in where we could. I found a wool holder for just £2.50 in a charity shop - I've wanted one for ages!

And I bought some buttons to make up some more camera cases as requested...

Next time we shall have to be more resourceful in occupying the men! Thanks for the lovely comments on my coasters, they went down really well - my friend kept telling me I should try selling some! I really don't know, there are already lots of wonderful things on etsy, but maybe something to keep in mind for the inbetween period when I'm looking for a job after my thesis is handed in.

What is everyone working on? Are any of those WIPs nearly a FO?!


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  1. I love the buttons!!!! Lovely for your camera cases. I have not used chunky wool for a blanket, but you are using a big hook, so I would have thought it should be OK, and actually would make a good blanket, I looked at your squares too and counted the stitches and you seem to be OK there as well and hooking into the same places. I wonder though if you used the same hook for them all as I have noticed that some of my hooks of the same size in different brands of hook are slightly different sizes. Also, is the yarn all the same brand and all chunky? I can't think what else, but I am no expert. It is irksome for you though! I am sure that they will be OK when they are all together for your blanket as they will stretch to shape where needed. You will work it out though I'm sure! I did notice your lovely camper van duvet cover, and what is wrong with being obsessed though????!!!!! I hope that things go well in Berlin. xx

  2. Ah...the same happens when I make squares too...odd isn't it? I put it down to having inconsistent tension from one day to another.! Bonnie van will look and feel oh so cosy :-)
    Tracey xxx

  3. Your blanket is going to be pretty and warm, I'm sure. Regula

  4. Its going to be a beautiful snuggly blanket... Love the squares!! XX

  5. What a wonderful post Helen, I'm glad you're overcoming the 'size' problem of your sea themed squares and looking at them joined together I would say it's hardly noticeable at all. I look forward to seeing your progress over the coming months.
    Ah boys and yarn shopping, nah they don't really go together. Park the boys in the snooker hall next time and then meet them afterwards for a pie and a pint haha.
    Those buttons are so pretty and well done on finding the yarn holder, such a bargain.
    I have just started a new project, nothing much to report yet as I only started it today. I am going to make myself a tunic for wearing over my swimwear when at the beach. Of course I can wear it other times too, over a tee with jeans etc.
    Take care and thanks for all your visits to my blog, they're much appreciated xx

  6. The blanket's looking lovely Helen! I too, have some rogue larger squares, even though I'm using the same yarn... I'll have to get blocking as well. I thought I'd better make a start on sewing in some ends last night, despite not having reached my total:

    Keep going with the WIP! x

  7. I love your squares they all turned out so nice! they will look so great all together to make the blanket. I hope you have a good weekend!

  8. Love those blues!


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