Sunday, 27 July 2014

Crochet Catch Up

So another hot, peaceful weekend over in Berlin. I thought I'd share some of the crocheting I've been slotting in, mostly in the evenings. I'm getting a bit frustrated as I don't think I'm progressing much, mostly making simple things. I'm enjoying it, don't get me wrong, but I kinda want to be able to do a bit more. I'll keep at it though, and maybe save the more complicated things for when I'm less tired (I started and tore apart a doily 5 times last week because I couldn't get the pattern right!)

Anyway! I've used some of that beautiful bamboo cotton to make some face cloths. They are so so soft and I love the colours.... one is for me another a gift, but which one?!

I also finished a cowl for my Mum, using one ball of Robin Chunky. We got it in the sale for a grand total of 92p (she was there when I bought it, chose the colour!)

I hope she likes it, I'm guessing it probably won't be worn for a wee while!

When C was here he pointed out I hadn't made any squares for our Bonnie blanket, so I got to work...

I've made more since I took the photo, so hope I will be in the good wife books... and that he might not notice any new yarn that may or may not appear back home with me!

Today I wandered around the neighborhood enjoying the leafy green streets

I love the big buildings, and the flats are gorgeous. The last picture is of the Wasserturm (water tower) on my street, built in 1877, it stored water up until 1952 and is now converted into apartments. During the Second World War a building alongside it (long since demolished) was a makeshift concentration camp, where Jews, political opponents of the Nazis, and others were held, there's a small memorial there now.

I had my laptop with me, as I decided to be studious this Sunday, and sat down with some war novels at a little cafe near the Wasserturm.

 I had my favourite, Apple Cake, to keep me motivated. It sort of worked, although I felt a bit observed with these guys watching my every move

I may have given them a crumb....


  1. I really like your cowl, I'm sure, your mom will like it too! Why are you in Berlin? Are you working there?

    1. Thanks! I shall see her briefly later so give it to her then :) I'm here to research as part of my studies, which is a nice way to be here as I'm quite flexible :)

  2. What a nice week end post! love the color combination of your face cloths! Have a great week!:::Silvia

  3. Hi Silvia! Thanks for popping by :) Hehe thanks I love the cotton yarn it's so pretty :) have a great weekend!

  4. hello helen,
    the shawl for your mum is wonderful ,the wash cloth ,too.
    have you ever tried berliner weisse mit schuß?
    have a nice day,


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