Friday, 11 July 2014

Back in Berlin

Back again :) Berlin really is my favourite city, it's become a second home to me over the years.

I arrived on Monday on a very early flight (still catching up on sleep!) and have gotten myself back into my Berlin routine. Unfortunately I'm not as active as usual as somehow I tore my ankle ligament before I came out - I have to try and keep it up as much as possible. I am being sensible this week, and it does feel like it is slowly healing, which is good as I need to be back to full strength next week for when C visits!

The weather has also been incredibly changeable and we have had the most incredible thunderstorms and rain showers - the library actually was more appealing than being outside a lot of the week! Apart from last night and the night before, when I met a friend and my supervisor, I headed home after the library and looked out at the rain from the cosy flat I am staying in.

Of course I brought some yarn with me! I have great plans crochet wise, time permitting! Speaking of which, I started a new cowl using the wool I bought on honeymoon:

I wanted something simple so that you can just enjoy the sheen (which isn't very clear on the picture) and the slightly variegated blue colour. It's so soft and light I can't wait to finish it!!

My morning routine is the same as the last time I was here exactly, and the storms have been kind enough to let me get to work in the sun (the rain tends to start just as I think about turning my computer off and leaving in the afternoon). I am staying in Prenzlauer Berg, which is one of my favourite areas in Berlin (I will write about it more another time, it deserves a photo heavy post). My street is full of old buildings and trees, typical of the area.

 I get the U-Bahn to Potsdamer Platz, which luckily is on the same line as my stop! Need for walking reduced :)

Potsdamer Platz is quite odd, I've always thought. It's very spacious and full of restaurants (mostly chains) and random offices. It was heavily bombed during the war, due to its central location and proximity to government buildings. In 1961 the Berlin Wall was built and used to pass right through the middle of it, so it was a sort of no man's land during the GDR years. It's seen extensive redevelopment since 1989, which includes a lot of tall buildings. The square itself is quite vast and empty, there are often things going on there. Obama stayed in the Ritz Carlton hotel which is just on the left of the picture above when he came to Berlin last year. I saw him leave the building once on my way home, it was quite a spectacle! I couldn't actually leave as they had shut down all possible methods of transport and blocked the roads...

The library is about a 3 minute walk from the square itself, past shopping arcades and a lot of restaurants. There's also this cool sculpture

It says it's supposed to be two boxers! I always start humming Simon and Garfunkel's 'The Boxer' as I walk past. The yellow building just behind in the background is part of the Kulturforum, which is a group of art galleries and other cultural buildings. There's always an interesting exhibition on!

And this is my 'home' here in Berlin, the State Library, most of the resources I need all in one massive building.It's not the prettiest, but I have become fond of it!!

And now I'm off back to my crochet, accompanied by Orange is the New Black and a glass of wine. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope it heals completely soon. Berlin sounds like a beautiful place...

    Have a great weekend.


    1. Thanks Ruth :) It's on the mend! It has to be when in Berlin, it needs to get out and enjoy all the sights with me ;)

  2. I hope that your research is going well and that your ankle is improving too! xx

    1. Thanks Amy! Research is really good thanks, and am working on the ankle :) xx

  3. hi,
    sorry about to hear about your ankle.i hope you feeling better soon.I love berlin.....thanks for the wonderful photos!!!
    love your shawl and the new wool.
    have a wonderful time,

    1. Thanks for popping by Regina :) It's getting better and more suitable for getting the most out of Berlin ;)

  4. You give to me the taste for travel! Thank for sharing Berlin's picture.
    Lucie xxx

    1. Hehe I would highly recommend Berlin :) Your Quebec photos are gorgeous, they make me want to come to Canada :) xxx

  5. Hi Helen,
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Berlin is on my marathon to-do list - I started to learn German a couple of years ago because I was running the Salzburg marathon and I learned enough to make myself understood, but that's all! Take care of your ankle. Susie x

    1. Hi Susie, thanks for popping by :) Ooh you should do the Berlin Marathon it's supposed to be amazing! I bet the Salzburg one was pretty spectacular! x


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