Thursday, 15 May 2014

Liebster Award

I'm really excited to have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award by the lovely Lisa from Needles and Wool (you can check out her amazing blog here) Thanks Lisa! The aim is to get to know new blogs, and to grow our own blogs in the process :)


1. Post 11 random facts about myself

2. Answer 11 questions the awarding blogger has asked

3. Nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers, add their links to this post, and let them know that they have been nominated

4. Create 11 questions the nominated blogs have to answer

1. 11 Random Facts about myself

1. I sneeze embarrassingly loudly and can never sneeze only once
2. I love houseplants.... but never seem to be able to keep them alive
3. I cry rather easily at books and movies. When I read Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott on a family holdiay when I was little I cried so much I got hysterical and my parents thought my younger brother had hurt me. I was incapacitated so they thought that for a while...
4. I have an obsession with Germany. I love the country, the people, the language. I've studied it at uni and spend as much time as possible over there. C even proposed to me at a Christmas market in Cologne, combining all three of my great loves....
5... I love Christmas. It drives everyone mad. I was in Australia last Christmas and as wonderful as that was I can't wait for English Xmas next year. I will be so excited the world may implode...
6. I'm really messy. People seem to think I'm quite organised so are very surprised at this fact/
7. I can procrastinate to an Olympic standard (I should be doing at least 5 other things whilst writing this ;))
8. I really wanted a younger sister or older brother growing up. I was 5 when my younger brother was born and wanted to send him back, and when that didn't work wanted to call him 'yukky toilet boy'. Now we are very close and I would do anything for him
9. I have far too many clothes. It contributes to fact 6.
10. I have two black cats, Bella and Izzy, although I'm quite allergic. As soon as circumstances allow I want a dog. I love dogs. If I see them on the street I say hello to them and not their owners.
11. I love potatoes. It's probably a slightly unhealthy obsession. I think it's my Irish blood coming out (my great grandmother was Irish). Before he died my Grandpa and I used to have roast potato races at Xmas. He always let me have the last one :)

2. 11 Questions...

1. what is your favorite thing to either knit or crochet?

I really like crocheting blankets (although I have yet to finish one!) I love choosing all the different colours and where to put them, it makes me happy coming up with all the different colour combinations, and I like the fact you can work on them gradually.

2. what is your favorite season?

Definitely Spring. My birthday is in May, and I have so many happy memories of that time. I love bluebells and other Spring flowers appearing, the longer days and the smell of freshly cut grass :)

3. what is your favorite book?

Mmmmm difficult question, can I choose three?! In which case... Pride and Prejudice, The Book Thief and The Time Traveller's Wife

4. when did you start knitting or crocheting?

My fling with knitting was short lived and disastrous, lasting about 2 weeks in February. Crochet I started shortly after so am still a newbie

5. what do you like most about knitting or crocheting?

How relaxing it is... and that you get homemade wonderfulness at the end of it! I've cross stitched for years, and enjoy the fact that for some crochet you don't need to follow a pattern constantly, you can hook and easily watch tv or chat.

6. what is your favorite food?

I love Mexican and Italian food the most. I regularly make Chilli non Carne (veggie house!) and risotto. Having said that I do have a potato obsession.

7. what would be an ideal day for you if you could do anything all day?

Read. I don't get nearly enough time to read for pleasure any more.

8. what kind of wool do you like to knit or crochet with most?

I seem to have picked up a lot of Robin acrylic DK, it's quite cheap and works up quite nicely.

9. what will your next creative project be? 

I really want to crochet a piece of clothing. Once I have more time I'd like to make a simple cardigan or shrug or something!

10. When did you start blogging and what gave you the inspiration to blog?

About Feb, I started using Bloglovin and was so inspired by all the crafty people out there I wanted to join in!

11. What is your favourite colour?

Blue or purple :)

3. 11 Nominations :)

4. Questions to answer

1. Do you prefer knitting or crocheting? Why?

2. If you could learn any new craft which would it be?

3. Which part of the world do you feel most at home in?

4. What is your favourite film?

5. What are you currently making?

6. What will you make next?!

7. Do you prefer Birthdays or Christmas? Why?

8. If you could have dinner with any person dead or alive who would it be?

9. Do you have a favourite flower?

10. If you were an animal which one would you be?

11. Do you have any favourite crafty tips?


  1. Ah thanks Helen! I look forward to filling this out and sharing it on!

    Glad the potato obsession got a mention! :)


  2. Hi Helen, nice to learn some more about you.... Congratulations on your award.!!

  3. Well done on your award! I hope that you enjoy keeping on blogging as others are obviously enjoying what you write - as do I! xx


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