Monday, 21 April 2014

Some Vintage Crochet

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter - I've loved looking at all the wonderful crafty Easterness in Blogland! I've spent Easter in Suffolk with my parents, being decadently lazy, whilst ignoring the PhD work that I really ought to be getting on with.

I had a look through some old craft magazines that Mum's got. My Grandpa bought them for her when she was quite a bit younger than I am now, she must have been about 14. He bought them every week as a treat and she says she used to pour through them looking for projects and inspiration. She's much more crafty than I am, she knitted and sewed her own clothes, as well as crochet and rug making and all sorts. I'm not sure if anyone has ever come across the wonderful magazines, they're a series called 'Golden Hands'.

Mum made a smock like the one on the cover - once I get my sewing machine working I'm going to have a go at one as well, I think it would look great with leggings. I just love looking through them, there are some wonderful projects! And the pictures are just gorgeous, they absolutely look how I imagine the 1970s would have!

How great is that lampshade?!

Well anyway, when I was flicking through I found a pattern for crochet place mats. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon so I decided to just have a go....

... and I was delighted! Definitely the most complex thing I've attempted and I learned some new techniques which was great. I think I'm going to try with some different colours next. I even blocked it, which I was very proud of myself for! It's a bit like all these glorious mandalas that everyone's doing I suppose. I've given it to Mum because she really likes this kind of crochet.

I also busied myself with another cowl like the one I made myself here. I wore it for my hen weekend and my bridesmaid who organised the whole thing loved it. I thought I'd make her one as a thank you, in the same colour. Again, a really quick crochet project...

So quite a productive Easter weekend really. There has also (FINALLY!) been some progress with wedding crochet, which I will write about next time.

What have you all been up to craft wise over Easter? Hope you're all enjoying the warmer weather :)

Helen xx


  1. Hi Helen, I too have been decadently lazy over Easter, the weather turned sour and as i type now there's a rather splendid thunderstorm raging outside the window. I have completed my Trellis Stitch Summer top which I hope to get pictures of soon so I can post it on my blog.
    Your Mother's crochet magazines are wonderful, how lovely for you that she still has them all. Well done on your 'complicated' first piece of crochet, it does look great.
    I think your friend will love her new cowl, such a lovely thank you gift for her.
    Thanks for all your visits to my blog, cheerio for now
    Linda x

  2. Ooh I love a good thunderstorm :) Especially when cosy indoors :) Looking forward to seeing the top, hopefully the weather will get warm quickly so you can wear it! x


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