Thursday, 6 March 2014

Woolly times and what to do with it?

Moving stuff around to make space for the guys who came to fit the new boiler I finally put all of the wool I have gradually accumulated together, and... well it looked quite a lot to me!

Especially considering I am very much a beginner and haven't completed many projects! I seem to just keep buying odd colours here and there so don't have a substantial amount of any one colour. There are also several different types of wool.

I'm still making flowers and hearts for the wedding so that will use some of it, but I've started searching for some project ideas that will help me use some up - small projects not requiring vast quantities of wool (and suitable for novices!). And there are so many ideas out there! From so many talented and creative people. I've rounded up some of my favourites...

1. These colourful pencil pots would look great on my desks at home and in the office - and I can see it really would just require a little bit of each colour!

2. A coffee cosy would be wonderful for my many hurried cups of caffeine on my travels

3. I love love love these hexagons, so many possibilities: cushion covers, blankets etc

4. A kindle cover would keep a much treasured possession safe and snug in the vast vacuum of my handbag

5. I've always wanted a winter Head Band

6. To practice my knitting tension, and to benefit a really good cause I think knitted squares for charity will be a must.

Does anyone else have any go-to stash busting patterns? What do you do with your extra bits of wool?

Once I've finished C's scarf I shall embark on something new :) The scarf is looking great. Excuse the poor photo quality, the light is terrible in my house at the moment as the builders outside have put plastic sheets over the windows... I'm going to have to buy an extra ball of wool, it's a King Cole Chunky, as C is rather tall and probably therefore merits more scarf. Of course I'm rather tempted to just keep it for myself as it is as I've fallen in love with it, but I'm going to be good!

If this is what a simple treble stitch can work up as I am so excited about venturing further with crochet!!!

My only problem has been joining new balls of wool - does anyone have a trusted technique? My attempts have been a bit clumsy thus far....

Helen x


  1. Hello Helen
    Lovely blog you have here. Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I wouldn't say I have a technique joining new colours I just tie them on as neatly as I can. I'm sure there is a proper way of doing it though x

    1. Thank you for visiting :) I hope your lovely blankets are progressing! Thanks for the hint, I've been practising and things are improving slowly ;) x

  2. The scarf is lovely. You can find tutorials in youtube that teach you how to join new colours.

    1. Thanks Pradeepa! I'm going to buy the same wool in different colours as I've had a few more requests! Will be sure to check out youtube :)

  3. If you have a look at Attic 24 blog I am pretty sure that Lucy will have a tutorial there, or try Bunny Mummy blog, either will be able to help I am sure. I have learned loads from both of them. Rest assured, your yarn stash is very small compared to most yarn hoarders!! All of your suggestions for small projects are good ones. You could also try some yarn bunting - for your wedding perhaps? - and some granny squares to make a blanket, you can just do all sorts of random colours as long as the weight of wool is roughly the same. Good luck with your making. xx

    1. Mmm both of those blogs are so helpful! Youtube is also amazing, I had no idea there were so many online resources and such a wonderful online community! Bunting would be a great idea - I need to practice increasing and decreasing :) thanks for the tips! xx

  4. My wife also loves knitting which means we have dozens of part used rolls of wool cluttering up the place. I tried to get rid of them once, and it caused a huge argument. It would be great to have some small patterns so my wife can use up the wool and make it into something useful.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating


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