Monday, 3 March 2014

Monday, Monday

Why does the weekend always fly by so quickly! Compared to the Monday-Wednesday stretch Saturdays and Sundays seem to whizz by in the blink of the eye. Busy week ahead, new boiler, trip to Manchester for career event and then some time at uni as well makes for slightly manic first week of March. We need to move a lots of furniture before the boiler arrives... we seem to accumulate so much stuff! Sadly several bookshelves need to be hoofed around so will need to find storage for what seems like several tonnes of books and other oddities. Sigh.

We went back to my parents for the weekend which was lovely. Slightly manic in terms of dashing around and doing some wedding things, but I got to see my family and Charlie, our dog. He's getting on a bit now, and is more of a dignified old gent than the young scamp he used to be but still adorable!

Whilst watching the final Batman film with the folks I had a slightly crazy crochet run and got a load of hearts done. I still haven't managed to make any wreaths up (boo) but have started on some other colours so making (slight) progress.

We then had a relaxed Sunday night at home, which felt rather like the calm before the storm. We had 2 needy cats waiting for us (they really don't like it when we're away) so just sat on the sofa and watched the last episode of Wallander, a really good BBC adaptation of a Swedish detective series. I used the opportunity to try and get a bit more of the baby cross stitch done as with being away a lot in the coming week I probably won't manage to. Bella cat was very offended I wasn't giving her my attention so came and lay on my magazine but I still made some progress. The horse is starting to take shape now and I love the way it grows as you add the extra shades.

I've also reached the end of the ball of wool I was using for my scarf - time for me to learn how to switch wool whilst crocheting, might be interesting but we will see!

Helen x

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