Thursday, 20 February 2014

Working from home

Today I find myself working from home, a frequent occurrence as I'm a postgrad student but one that I never stop relishing. I love being in the office surrounded by people but I also love being snuggled up at home with my books. I live quite a long way from where I study so I tend to divide the week up a bit to save on the commute.

The continuous grey skies are far from spring-like so this week I tried to brighten up the house with some flowers. I love these Chrysanthemums (only £2 from Lidl!)

I also succumbed to some lovely pink tulips from the market. I don't normally buy many flowers but at the moment they really seem to brighten up the house, and especially when I'm working here quite a lot I think it's worth it :)

I've been quite studious so far, I'm re-reading a novel for my next chapter so have adopted the 'coloured sticky note' approach which always looks pretty, but I tend to forget my 'clever' colour code at some point so ends up not making much notice! The mug in the pic is from my favourite flea market in Berlin at Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain. I use the mug all the time to remind me of relaxing Sunday brunches and flea market searching.

Of course, being at home does have its temptations: most of the time I want to be lazy cat-style, for which there is much inspiration in this house. I present to you my fat cat who has being lazy down to an art form:

And back I go to my reading!

Helen x


  1. I think that I would forget that sort of system too - it starts off well and then gets lots somewhere along the way!! Good luck with your work though. xx

    1. Haha thanks! It happens every time! At least the colours look pretty hehe xx


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