Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Confessions of a Novice Knitter I

So I finally finished my first knitting project! Mixed results, the fact that I finished it was fairly wondrous, but there is oh so certainly space for improvement...

For my first project I'd decided to knit a scarf, very simple (in theory): garter stitch and just one colour. I found some beautiful wool in my local wool shop, sadly I threw away the labels so no idea what it is but it's a beautiful chunky deep purple colour (my phone camera doesn't do it justice at all!)

For some reason I am having real problems with tension: when my Mum saw me knitting she was horrified! (why are you holding it like that, why are you pulling it so tight etc etc) and I've managed to drop stitches on the way without even realising it, so it's rather a wonky scarf (I've decided it has character and shall love it regardless!)

Well I'm going to attempt one for Mr Woolly next, so will try and pull it less tight, as well as try to notice if I drop stitches ;) Onwards and upwards and all that!

My crochet hearts are still progressing nicely and offer me moments of calm amid a hectic week

I am going to make them in lots of colours and make them into heart garlands as shown here

Has anyone else had projects not quite work out? Or does anyone have any tension tips?!

Helen x


  1. Those tiny hearts look cute. I tried to learn knitting long ago but realized that knitting was not meant for me. Best of luck with your new blog!

    1. Thanks Pradeepa! Knitting certainly is proving a challenge but the hearts cheer me up :)

  2. Oh older knitters and their comments....I've had lots of that in the past. Ignore and carry on! Keep calm and keep knitting ;-)

    Tension tip: Keep Knitting.
    Practice and Perfect.
    It's the same with any new skill. I'm working on using a sewing machine to sew straight seams at the moment.

    1. Thank you!! I will try try again :) Was thinking about just doing a lot of knitted squares to get the practice in and hopefully end up with a not too wonky blanket at the end ;) Good luck with the sewing machine adventures :)

  3. Look out for freebies on knitting magazines, easy patterns, wool, needles and aids to help. Good luck x

  4. I am not a knitter, so I cannot really offer any tips on tension, but I do know that relaxing when you are making anything, taking it slowly and remembering to breathe make it all go much better, so if your tension is tight, this might help!! Just enjoy the process, don't rush and relax - it is a hobby, it is supposed to be relaxing!! xx

  5. I am able to knit but I am not that great at it and I agree with the reply above, keep knitting, keep practising and you will improve. Your scarf has lots of character and it is made by you and it will be worn with pride and love.
    I did a post last week called "What I have learnt with my knitting projects", I knitted two baby sweaters and wrote down my learning curve you can read it on this link if you like http://linda-dawn-designs.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/what-i-have-learnt-with-my-knitting.html
    Also always keep your crochet hook handy when knitting, it is so easy to pick up your dropped stitches with your hook :-)

    Linda x

    1. Thanks Linda! Will dig the needles out again soon I hope - the hooks are just so much more tempting! I will check out your post for sure for some hints :) xx


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