Friday, 22 July 2016

Five on Friday

As I sat down to write this post a couple of hours ago the news was breaking about the attack in Munich. Many of you know Germany is very close to my heart, and indeed some of my closest friends are actually currently in Munich. They are safe, and I am thankful, but thinking of all those affected. It's a scary world we live in, with so much bad news in the space of just a couple of weeks - Nice, the train near Wuerzberg and now Munich.

It felt rather glib to write a cheery blog post after hearing the news, but I want to share five pictures that have made me happy this week. I have not joined in with Amy and her lovely link up for a really long time, but here I am - please do go and read other peoples' posts here.

1. This week I finally graduated! I had a lovely day, my parents and brother came as well as C and it was a sunny and happy occasion. My two close friends who started at the same time as me graduated the same day and it was the perfect ending to my studies.

2. My lovely colleagues bought me some bubbly as a well done - it was so kind of them and very much appreciated. I drank it with the parentals and C the evening after I graduated.

3. Lots of crafting time has been a real novelty. My Mum and I are making a blanket together, a simple granny square affair in simple colours. These are my efforts thus far.

4. I am having another go at knitting! Tiny steps, but a certain crafting-adverse man dropped hints about knitted jumpers. Any kind of endorsement's enough for me!

5. We have been doing a lot of hosting lately, it has been wonderful to catch up with friends and have them in our home. I have made a couple of pavlovas for people, and am improving my meringue skills greatly!

Wishing you all well my friends, stay safe whereever you may be